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Robin Hereford

Robin Hereford is Bonhams Director of Private Clients, and also Departmental Director of Valuations, Trusts & Estates in London. He coordinates Bonhams UK private client development and manages valuations for insurance, probate and sale, as well as market valuations for tax and estate planning purposes.

Since joining Bonhams in 1998, Robin has handled the valuation and auction of many corporate art collections, including several FTSE 100 companies. He has carried out valuations for museums, galleries and, notably, the collection of the Houses of Parliament. His exceptional sales include artworks by George Stubbs (£1,900,000), Salvador Dalí, L.S. Lowry and Elizabeth Frink, alongside more unusual items such as Lord Lucan's writing desk and the smallest clock made by Thomas Tompion, the famous 'Q Clock' made for Queen Mary II in 1693 (£1,935,000).

Robin has also been responsible for the sale of numerous large, single-owner collections, including The Zimmerman Horological Collection; The Delphinium Collection, an important collection of early 18th century Meissen porcelain; and the Estate of the 4th Viscount Churchill, which included important works by Fabergé, Sir John Lavery and numerous Royal presentation gifts. Robin oversaw all three auctions of The Severin Wunderman Collection (£2,920,000), which featured an important group of works by Jean Cocteau, and four single-owner auctions for the collector Roy Davids (£5,000,000), including one of the finest assemblages of poetical manuscripts ever offered for sale.

In recent years, Robin has also coordinated numerous charity events and exhibitions at Bonhams, including Grinling Gibbons: Centuries in the Making, an exploration of the vibrant legacy of the greatest carver in British history.