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Benjamin Mini

Benjamin Mini is the Head of Bonhams Skinner's Rugs and Carpets department. He has over 20 years of experience buying and selling rugs, textiles and other antiques. During that time, he cultivated many relationships with collectors and dealers in New England, the United States and abroad.

Ben's special interest is with antique Anatolian, Persian, Caucasian, Turkmen and Chinese rugs and carpets. He is knowledgeable in decorative and tribal rugs as well as flatweaves and other textiles from the Middle East, North Africa, India and China. He also has experience with American Indian and pre-Columbian weavings. In his role at Bonhams Skinner, Ben has overseen the sales of some exceptional textiles, including a Ming-era Imperial dragon carpet from the renowned Jim Dixon Collection, which sold for over $300,000 in May 2022.

Ben lives in Maine and also serves more generally as Bonhams Skinner's representative for the region. Ben has a background in education and, prior to coming to Bonhams Skinner, he taught courses in History, Art History and Islamic Studies.