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Colin Kraft

Colin Kraft is Business Manager for Oriental Rugs & Carpets at Bonhams Skinner. He brings a diverse art historical skillset to the large and varied collecting category, with a particular interest in old Caucasian and Anatolian rugs and Persian garden carpets.

In his role, Colin has supported the sales of some exceptional items and collections, including a Ming Imperial Dragon carpet and a 18th century Northwest Persian or South Caucasian rug, both from the highly regarded Jim Dixon Collection of rugs and textiles.

Colin was born and raised in central Massachusetts and earned a Bachelor's degree in Art and Visual Culture from Bates College and a Master's degree in Art History from Indiana University Bloomington, focusing on German medieval manuscripts. He was an instructor and pursued post-graduate work at Florida State University, focusing on medieval Irish architecture and archeology with a particular interest in collecting, presentation theory, and the experiential effects of art. He is excited to apply his unique tastes and attitude toward the woven world. He also enjoys hiking, camping, collecting 18th and 19th century books, and traveling.