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Joseph Hyman

Joseph Hyman is a Specialist for Whiskey & Rare Spirits at Bonhams Skinner. He joined the company with over 15 years of experience as a whiskey consultant, including more than two years as Head of Whiskey & Rare Spirits at Bonhams New York. A leading authority in the field, he has curated a number of successful auctions featuring a variety of superior offerings, from obscure American bourbons and rye whiskies to notable decades-old bottlings of Scotch and Irish whiskey, rare Caribbean rums, Cognacs and fortified wines dating back to the 1700s, Chartreuse, exotic gins and liqueurs.

In 2021, Joseph oversaw the record-breaking sale of a single bottle of Old Ingledew, which set a new record price for an American whiskey. The historic bourbon whiskey is believed to be bottled in the 1860s from much older stocks, and had been previously owned by influential 20th century politician James Byrnes (Congressman, Senator, Governor, Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State) along with both J.P. Morgan, Sr. and J.P. Morgan, Jr.

Joseph's knowledge and experience places Bonhams Skinner at the cutting edge of the expanding secondary market for whiskeys and other remarkable spirits. Buyers and sellers in the U.S. and abroad are looking for greater and more frequent opportunities at auction, and Joseph is leading Bonhams Skinner to meet that challenge.

Joseph's diverse background also includes several years as an investment analyst and portfolio manager, lending a unique perspective to his work at Bonhams Skinner.