Trusts and Estates (UK)

Appraisal, reports and auction administration for UK-based executors and professional advisors.

Bonhams Valuations team in the UK can offer support for executors and professional advisors, from appraisal and certified reports through to auction administration, including collection, storage and clearance advice.

Our services include:

  • Complimentary initial assessment of the collection via photographs or an in-situ survey
  • Transparent fees quoted in advance of valuation
  • Industry-leading reports complete with illustrations
  • Valuations compliant with s160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984
  • Collection and management of ensuing sales
  • Fiduciary reports detailing sales schedules, results and costs

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Contact Bonhams Valuation team on [email protected] or +44 20 7468 8340

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