Bonhams Magazine Motoring - Summer 2015


• The theme of this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed is 'Fast and Fearless: Racing on the Edge', and will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the inaugural motor racing World Championship, won by Alfa Romeo in 1925.
• Later this summer, enthusiasts will once again flock to Quail Lodge in California
for the undisputed highlight of Monterey classic car week – Bonhams' annual auction. This year's sale will include a number of spectacular cars from Tony Hart's superlative car collection which includes a pristine Ferrari F40.
• In September, the Goodwood Revival Sale will feature a number of significant – not to mention rare – competition cars, including two 1927 Amilcar C6 Racing Voiturettes. That month also sees the launch of Bonhams' new black tie evening sale in France at Château de Chantilly.
• In this issue, Sir Stirling Moss explains to Doug Nye about the race car he loved so much he had to buy it; Richard Williams details the fascinating history of a remarkable Aston Martin Ulster. And finally Richard Holt describes how tractor-maker Ferruccio Lamborghini bet the farm when he ploughed all his money into the creation of the astonishing Lamborghini Miura.

  1. 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster  Chassis no. WDB297397Y000008

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    Wheels of fortune
    Andrew Currie on a Mercedes-Benz so rare it never left the factory

    When Mercedes-Benz unveiled its CLK GTR Roadster in 1988, it was priced at an astonishing $1.5 million, making it the most expensive 'production' car ever made – a figure only recently exceeded by the Ferrari FXX.

    Only one of the six Roadsters produced was finished in black and it is this example which appears in Bonhams Goodwood sale in June ...

  2. <i>Offered from the Tony Hart Collection</i><br /><b>1990 Ferrari F40</b>

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    Late great
    The F40 is Enzo Ferrari's last masterpiece and the culmination of a lifetime's expertise, explains Ruth Fletcher

    For many, the Ferrari F40 is the most important car produced by the Italian marque, if only because it is the final design brought to fruition during Enzo Ferrari's lifetime. The last of an epic era, the F40 was designed as the culmination of Ferrari's 40 years as a builder of road and race cars.

    It also reflects ...

  3. Formerly the property of Richard Hamilton,1973 Porsche 911S 2.4-Litre Coup&#233;  Chassis no. 9113300884 Engine no. 6331402/911/53

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    Black beauty
    Matthew Wilcox explains why the 'Father of Pop Art', Richard Hamilton, considered his Porsche 911 too perfect to paint

    Unadorned by spoilers or unsightly accessories, the 1973 Porsche 911S Coupé is often admired as the purest of all Porsche's 911 iterations. One well-known devotee was the pop artist Richard Hamilton, who was reported to have declined to paint his much-loved Porsche on the basis that it was "such a perfect design, that it couldn't be improved in ...

  4. The Property of Sir Stirling Moss OBE The Ex-Bob Holbert, 'Gentleman Tom' Payne, Millard Ripley,1961 Porsche RS-61 Spyder Sports-Racing Two-Seater  Chassis no. 718-070

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    Stirling Service
    Sir Stirling Moss tells Doug Nye how he 'broke the bank' to acquire a very special Porsche Spyder from his racing past – and why he has now decided to let it go

    In the spring of 1961, Sir Stirling Moss and future world champion, Graham Hill were thundering down 440 miles of rough Sicilian roads, on the brink of what should have been a remarkable victory in their Porsche RS60.

    Porsche had form in the legendary Targa Floria – the team had already won the Italian race three times; in 1956, 1959 and ...

  5. More than 45 years in current family ownership The Ex-Dick Seaman,  'Charlie' Martin, Tommy Clarke, Maurice Falkner, Clifton Penn-Hughes,  Thomas Fothringham,1935 Aston Martin Works Ulster 'LM19' Mille Miglia, RAC Tourist Trophy, French Grand Prix, Le Mans 24-Hours Competition Sports Two-Seater  Chassis no. LM19 Engine no. LM19

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    Paint it black
    The bodywork on a remarkable 1935 Aston Martin Ulster reveals a fascinating story. Richard Williams peels back the layers

    One way of telling the wonderful story of the black Aston Martin, bearing the registration plate CML 721, would be to scratch its 80-year-old body panels. Well, perhaps not. This is, after all, a 20th century masterpiece. Instead, let's subject its paintwork to the kind of X-ray analysis employed by art conservators examining the way artists from Leonardo Da ...

  6. 1967 LAMBORGHINI MIURA P400  Chassis no. 3057 Engine no. 1190

    Page 7

    Orange zest
    Ferruccio Lamborghini couldn't find the 'perfect' sports car. So he decided to build his own. Richard Holt tells the story

    The Lamborghini Miura should never have existed. The man who founded the company had rather different plans when he took a fortune made selling sturdy tractors and ploughed it into the bumpy fields of sports car production.

    "It is very simple," Ferruccio Lamborghini said in 1963. "In the past I have bought some of the best-known Gran Turismo cars, and ...

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