1. Auguste Herbin (1882-1960) Composition (Painted in 1928)

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    Bonhams Valuations, Trusts & Estates Department offers a complete appraisal and auction service for our clients, their advisors and fiduciaries in the management of collections of fine art, antiques, motor cars, jewellery, wine and collectables.

    With Valuations, Trusts & Estates teams based in the US, UK and Europe, we offer an unparalleled global reach with auctions on the international stage in London ...

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    Bonhams runs a dedicated international Trusts & Estates Department to assist fiduciaries, executors and families with the intricacies of valuing and advising on the disposal of fine art, antiques, motor cars, jewellery, wine and other valuable personal property.

    With a global team of directors and valuers based in the US and UK, working in conjunction with our specialist departments in London ...

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    The Bonhams Valuations team carry out formal appraisals on behalf of individuals, corporations or institutions for a range of purposes, primarily insurance, but also asset management, matrimonial division and charitable donation.

    Drawing upon the experience of our global network of specialists, our valuation report provides a clearly defined record in category or value order, whilst additional information such as provenance ...

  5. ALEXANDER CALDER (1898-1976) The Mountain, 1960

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    Operating out of its flagship salerooms in London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Sydney, and a network of international salerooms and off-site locations, Bonhams conducts over 400 specialist sales annually. We are in a unique position to offer the most appropriate location for the sale of any item.

    With specialists in every major area of art ...

  6. Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (Bruges 1561-1635 London) Portrait of  Ellen Maurice, three-quarter-length, in a white lace ruff and white dress embellished with pearls

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    In the UK there are certain circumstances in which the estate might be able to mitigate the tax due. If there are items that can be presented as 'pre-eminent' they might qualify for 'Conditional Exemption' or be accepted 'In Lieu' of tax.

    A recent development in the UK has been the introduction of the Cultural Gift Scheme which has extended ...

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    For clients wishing to buy or sell out of the auction environment and calendar, Bonhams offers a private treaty service.

    We offer a discreet service for clients wishing to sell a particular artwork or item for an agreed price. We can also offer a bespoke service to clients building their collections and looking to acquire particular works not available on ...

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    (US, UK & EUROPE)

    Bonhams has a proven track record in holding highly successful 'single- owner' collection sales, both in our international salerooms and on-site. Our Private Collection & House Sale team work in conjunction with our specialist departments to deliver the most rewarding client experience.

    Our detailed marketing strategies have ensured numerous exceptional sale results often doubling pre-sale estimates and delivering 100% sold rates ...

  9. MAX ERNST (1891-1976) Tremblement de terre printanier 51 1/8 x 63 3/4 in (130 x 162 cm) (Painted in 1964)

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    MAX ERNST (1891-1976)
    Tremblement de Terre Printanier Sold for $1,147,500 16 November 2016 Bonhams New York 'What made Tremblement de Terre Printanier truly remarkable, however, was the impeccable provenance'

    Max Ernst's Tremblement de Terre Printanier is an exceptional painting from the artist's mature period. The febrile composition powerfully demonstrates both Ernst's position as a founding father of Dada and Surrealism and as a trailblazer for the innovations of Post War Art, particularly the New York School. The impressive scale, excellent state of preservation and glowing colour ...

  10. William Dobson (London 1611-1646) Portrait of the artist, bust-length, in a black tunic and white collar

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    Portrait of the artist, bust-length, in a black tunic and white collar oil on canvas Sold for a World Record Price £1,143,800 6 July 2016 Bonhams London 'Remarkably sensitive psychological insight'

    This portrait's importance in the history of British portraiture can barely be overestimated: Dobson became Court portrait painter in 1641 when the most significant artists in Britain were all imports from abroad. He is now widely considered to be our first truly distinguished native-born painter, one who would be far better known were it not for his early death ...

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    BEN NICHOLSON O.M. (BRITISH, 1894-1982)
    1933 (Milk and Plain Chocolate)

    Bonhams Modern British Picture specialists worked together with the Tax & Heritage department on a highly significant collection of pictures.

    After negotiating on behalf of the executors and trustees with Arts Council England (ACE), the majority of works were offered for sale whilst two works were accepted as pre-eminent and as such were conditionally exempted from tax (IHT). To comply with ...

  12. A fancy intense blue diamond ring

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    The oval-cut diamond, weighing 3.81 carats Sold for £2,322,500 ($792,450 per carat) 20 September 2016 Bonhams London "Outstanding results in Hong Kong reflect the accelerating flow of fine Chinese works towards new buyers in Asia"

    Blue diamonds are extraordinarily rare and account for only 0.004% of all diamonds mined, it is this scarcity which has made them amongst the most sought after and desirable gemstones on the market. This particular diamond was part of a British private collection, and after laboratory analysis was categorised as a Fancy Intense Blue with no modifying or secondary ...

  13. Auguste Rodin (French, 1840-1917) Eternel printemps, second état, 1ère réduction  66.2 x 83 x 41cm (26 1/16 x 32 11/16 x 16 1/8in). (Conceived in 1884, this bronze version executed in this size in 1898, the present work cast between 1905 and 1907)

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    AUGUSTE RODIN (FRENCH, 1840-1917)
    Eternel printemps Sold for a World Record Price £938,500 4 February 2016 Bonhams London "The work received interest from all over the world"

    The success of this sale culminating in a world record price for this subject and state by Rodin, was built on three important premises: our long standing relationship with the vendor; the impeccable provenance with an unbroken chain dating back to 1910; and the exceptional quality of the bronze.
    Rodin is such a central artist to our area, and so ...

  14. ARISTOTLE. 384-322 B.C.E. De animalibus [De historia animalium. De partibus animalium. De generatione animalium.] Translated by Theodore Gaza; edited by Ludovico Prodocator. Venice: Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen de Gheretzem, 1476.

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    384-322 B.C.E. De animalibus [De historia animalium. De partibus animalium. De generatione animalium.] 1476. First edition of Aristotle's history of animals; one of two known copies on vellum. Sold for a World Record Price, $941,000 8 June 2016 Bonhams New York "This particular copy was a lost treasure"

    In late 2015, I received an email from a gentleman in the Deep South who had seen me on the Antiques Roadshow. His family had a copy of Aristotle's De Animalibus, the philosopher's great natural history treatise. Many people of course, might have a copy of this work, as it has been reprinted many times over the centuries ...

  15. The Ex-Ecurie Francorchamps, Roger Laurent, Baron Charles de Tornaco, Jacques Swaters, Olivier Gendebien – 1953 Le Mans 24-Hour, Spa 24-Hours, ADAC 1,000-Kilometres race,1953 Jaguar XK120C "C-Type" Sports Racing Two-Seat Roadster  Chassis no. XKC 011' – Originally 'XKC 047're-stamped 'XKC 011' by Jaguar Cars Ltd. Engine no. E 1066-9

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    1953 JAGUAR XK120C 'C-TYPE'
    SPORTS-RACING TWO-SEAT ROADSTER Sold for €7,245,000 13 May 2016 Bonhams Monaco 'A combination of dedicated detective work followed by carefully managed and targeted promotion'

    This Jaguar C-Type sports-racing car had been in the lady owner's family for 54 years. However, until Bonhams was engaged to offer the car for public auction it was believed to have ex-works Jaguar factory team double-Le Mans 24-Hour race provenance, and to have been a car raced in period by none other than Sir Stirling Moss. We first ...

  16. Paul Howard Manship (1885-1966) Diana 38 1/4in high on a 1 1/2in marble base

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    PAUL HOWARD MANSHIP (1885-1966)
    Diana Sold for $727,500 22 November 2016 Bonhams New York 'This example of Paul Manship's Diana came to our attention in an estate in Northern California from our Trusts & Estates Department'

    We were thrilled when this example of Paul Manship's Diana came to our attention in an estate in Northern California from our Trusts & Estates Department after nearly a century in private hands. Fortunately, the bronze was in its original, untouched state with the artist's patina fully intact beneath a layer of tarnish and grime. We pursued a course ...

  17. Kazuo Shiraga (Japanese, 1924-2008) Untitled (Red Fan) 1965

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    Untitled (Red Fan), 1965 Sold for a World Record Price, £1,538,500 11 February 2016 Bonhams London 'This was evidently a world class collection of artworks that had not been seen in public for 50 years'

    Red Fan was discovered on an important insurance valuation managed by our Valuations, Trusts & Estates Department. This was evidently a world class collection of artworks that had not been seen in public for 50 years and were acquired directly from the artists by the family of the vendor. Added to which the collection comprised two movements, ZERO and Gutai, in ...

  18. A rare pale green jade figure of a male dancer Eastern Han Dynasty

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    Eastern Han Dynasty Sold for HK$31,480,000 5 April 2016 Bonhams Hong Kong 'The collection set the international benchmark for early jades sold at auction.'

    Making a world record price of HK$ 31,480,000, this rare pale green jade figure of a male dancer, Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25 - 220), formed part of a remarkable collection comprising early jade carvings from the Neolithic period to later jade carvings dating to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The collection, known as the Sze Yuan Tang Collection, was ...

  19. Jimi Hendrix: An Epiphone FT 79 acoustic guitar, 1951,

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    AN EPIPHONE FT 79 ACOUSTIC GUITAR 1951 Sold for £209,000 15 December 2016 Bonhams London 'Visitors to Brook Street at this time remember the guitar was 'always within arm's reach, usually beside the bed and, invariably, played at raucous parties!'

    Jimi Hendrix owned this guitar for almost three years - longer than any other documented Hendrix guitar. Jimi bought it, as Noel Redding recalled, 'second hand, for about $25, in New York after our first tour of the States and brought it back to England with us on the plane'.

    The guitar continued to be used regularly following Jimi's move ...

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    COLLECTION OF FINE NETSUKE PART I Sold for £1,158,000 8 November 2016 Bonhams London 'Our Parisian office had the great privilege of working with the Katchen Collectio, recognised as one of the finest collections of Netsuke in the world.'

    In 2016, our Parisian office had the great privilege of working with the Katchen Collection, recognised as one of the finest collections of Netsuke in the world.

    Julius and Arlette Katchen were passionate about art, and more specifically for Netsuke and would travel extensively to source the very best examples for their collection.

    The exceptional quality of the Netsuke and ...

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