Art Market Review

Bonhams international review of the art market

  1. Issue 9, July - December 2014

    Published 5 Mar 2015


    Today's billionaire collectors showcase their art in specially designed museums often with their names over the door. The princes and aristocrats of the sixteenth century enshrined their most precious works in wunderkammern: rooms of wonder intended to be a reflection of the marvels of the world. The contents would include
    naturalia, scientifica and exotica such as precious stones ...

  2. Issue 8, January - July 2014

    Published 28 Aug 2014


    The major art galleries from The National Gallery to The Getty, The Louvre to The Uffizi universally apply a fundamental rule of displaying their collections in chronological order; a very logical way of demonstrating the influence of successive generation of artists on each other. Part of the enjoyment of collecting, studying or working with art is the identification of ...

  3. Issue 7, January - July 2013

    Published 2 Sep 2013


    In auctioneering, nothing stimulates interest more than the appearance on the market of a painting or object considered lost or missing. In these past six months Bonhams has brought several such discoveries to auction and seen them achieve some outstanding results.

    Madonna Laboris by the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, for example, had achieved almost legendary status but its whereabouts ...

  4. Domenikos Theotokopoulos, called El Greco (Candia 1541-1614 Toledo) Saint Peter unframed

    Issue 6, July - December 2012

    Published 16 Jan 2013

    Auctioneering is, of course, a business. But sometimes, in among the commercial considerations, it is right simply to stand back and admire the artistry, imagination and craftsmanship which go into creating a great work. This edition of Bonhams Art Review focuses on a few key items sold over the past six months and examines what makes them exceptional.

    Our cover ...

  5. Issue 5, January - July 2012

    Published 20 Sep 2012

    Like all great collectors, George Daniels invested more than just money in assembling his remarkable collection of vintage motor cars and bikes. Passion, imagination, persistence, not to mention patience,
    all went into the creation of such an historically important group of cars. These were, of course, the very qualities which George applied to the craft that made him famous – the ...

  6. Issue 4, July/December 2011

    Published 2 Apr 2012

    Part of the allure of working in an international auction house is the excitement of unearthing a hitherto lost work of art - and this edition focuses on several such discoveries. Amongst them, the Velazquez painting on page seven is one of the major art discoveries in a generation. On brief inspection, it is perhaps understandable why this the low-key, sombre ...

  7. Issue 3, Spring/Summer 2011

    Published 26 Mar 2012

    Looking back at the art market a generation ago, one might be forgiven for questioning what has changed. In the early 1970s top level art was fetching record breaking high prices against the backdrop of a deep economic recession and high oil prices. The London auction rooms recorded record turnover, figures brought about by an influx of money from wealthy ...

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