An Exceedingly Rare 30 Year Whisky Cask Distilled in Macallan and Never Since Been Moved Comes Fresh to the Market at Bonhams

Hong Kong – Bonhams is delighted to present an exceedingly rare 30 year whisky sherry hogshead cask from the famed Macallan Distillery (estimate: HK$3,600,000 – 4,600,000). Distilled in May 1989 and never since been moved from the distillery, it is currently one of the oldest editions of Macallan whisky cask available in the market. The cask with perfect provenance can be stored at Macallan for as long as the buyer wishes, or yielded into a total of 261 bottles.

Daniel Lam, Bonhams' Director of Wine & Spirits, Asia, comments: "Whisky casks are trending because they offer much flexibility for collectors. Getting a good cask means that one can gain more quality bottles at a competitive price, or let it mature further to yield a higher value. The current 30 year Macallan cask is no doubt one of the finest of its kind available in the market yet."

Bonhams currently holds the world auction record for a whisky cask, with An American Hogshead Cask from Macallan Distillery 1996–22 year old selling for HK$3,430,000 in Hong Kong in November 2018. The current cask on offer is an even older and rarer edition.

Two months ago, Bonhams set a new world auction record for a Japanese whisky collection, as Hanyu Ichiro's Full Card Series sold for HK$7,192,000 to an Asian female collector, nearly doubling the previous record set in 2015, also by Bonhams.

Other highlights in the sale include:

Scotch Whisky

Lot 906: Classic trio of Bowmore 1964 (estimate: HK$300,000 – 400,000)
o Bowmore Fino Cask-1964-37 year old
o Bowmore Bourbon Cask-1964-38 year old
o Bowmore Oloroso Cask-1964-38 year old
Lot 784: The 'Dreams' series, one of legendary bottler Samaroli's most well-known selections (estimate: HK$80,000 – 100,000)
o Bowmore-Dreams-1984
o Bowmore-Dreams-1991
o Caol Ila-Dreams-1984
o Caol Ila-Dreams-1990
o Dailuaine-Dreams-1975
o Glenrothes-Dreams-1969
o Longrow-Dreams-1987
o Linkwood-Dreams-1989
o Mortlach-Dreams-1989
Lot 705: A complete set of Macallan Cask Strength series, a rare limited edition that can only be acquired from the Easter Elchies House. (estimate: HK$150,000 – 190,000)
o Macallan Cask Strength-1981-#9780
o Macallan Cask Strength-1980-#4063
o Macallan Cask Strength-1980-#17937
o Macallan Cask Strength-1990-#24680
o Macallan Cask Strength-1989-#552
o Macallan Cask Strength-1990-#24483

Japanese Whisky

Lot 874: Karuizawa-1960-52 year old-#5627, the oldest expression from the famed Karuizawa Distillery to be hand-bottled by former malt master Osami Uchibori. (estimate: HK$1,000,000 – 1,400,000)
Lot 873: Karuizawa Vertical Series 1975-1996, a full vertical vintage set of Karuizawa in 250ml, chronicling the golden age of the now closed distillery. (estimate: HK$180,000 – 240,000)
Lot 856: Yamazaki-35 year old. Matured in special 90 litre second-fill Spanish oak sherry butt. Released in 2006, this expression is one of the most collectable item from Yamazaki Distillery. (estimate: HK$620,000 – 780,000)
Lot 758: Hanyu Ichiro's Malt-10 of Spades, 23 lots of Hanyu Ichiro's Card Series including the rarest 10 of Spades. (estimate: HK$300,000 – 400,000)


• An assorted selection of Jacky Truchot comprising multiple vintages such as 1996, 1999 and 2005 (Lot 393), the last vintage prior his retirement.
• A peerless collection from the Domaine Prieuré Roch (Lot 331), masterpiece of the late winemaker Henry Frédéric Roch.
• Multiple vintages of Cuvee Cathelin, the pearl of Jean Louis Chave (Lot 246), one of the most talented winemakers in France. Only nine vintages of this wine have ever been released, including the legendary vintage 1990.
• An eclectic private collection of sweet wines, featuring some the best from Chateau d'Yquem (Lot 231), Royal Tokaji, Egon Muller (Lot 210, 342), and Markus Molitor.


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