Fine Chinese Sculpture and Works of Art from the Collection of John J. Studzinski CBE

Bonhams is delighted to offer the remarkable collection of Chinese ceramics and sculpture formed by John J. Studzinski's CBE, in the Fine Chinese Art sale, to be held on 7th November at New Bond Street, London. Most objects were acquired over time from leading International dealers such as Eskenazi Ltd., A & J Speelman Oriental Art, Jacques Barrere, Ben Jannssen, James Lally, Vanderven Oriental Art, Michael Goedhius and Jonathan Tucker and Antonia Tozer. The highlights of the collection include exceptional examples of early Buddhist statuary.

A very rare carved wood figure of Guanyin, Northern Song/Jin Dynasty (Lot 50), was acquired from Eskenazi Ltd in London, and is estimated at £60,000 - 80,000. The Goddess of Mercy is seated in the posture of 'royal ease' atop a rock and wave base representing Mount Potalaka. It refers specifically to the Water Moon Guanyin, who sits by the water's edge contemplating the reflection of the moon in the water and recognising the illusory nature of all phenomena.

A superb carved polychrome limestone head of Buddha, Sui Dynasty (Lot 39), was acquired from Jacques Barrere, Paris, and is estimated at £40,000-60,000. This impressive larger-than-life size stone sculpture with meditative expression encapsulates serene compassion.
Another exceptional sculpture is a very rare limestone bust of the Buddha, Northern Qi Dynasty (Lot 36), which was acquired from Jonathan Tucker and Antonia Tozer Asian Art, London, and is estimated at £50,000 - 80,000. Elegantly rendered in deep meditation, the figure is one of the finest examples of the highest standards achieved in the sculpting tradition of the Northern Qi Dynasty. The sculpture is remarkably close in style to a small group of 6th century Buddhist figures discovered at Longxing Temple in Qingzhou, Shandong Province, and may have indeed originated from the same area. The thin robes emphasising the slender body are very similar to the statues in Qingzhou, as is the use of gold pigment to cover the skin and sapphire blue to cover the hair.

The collection also includes fine Chinese porcelain, featuring a pair of blue and white 'lantern' jarlets, Yongzheng six-character marks and of the period (Lot 64), which is estimated at £12,000 – 18,000. The original Xuande-period prototypes were inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, highlighting the significant cross-cultural links between China and the Middle East at that time.

This outstanding collection that spans over 2000 years of history, reflects the diverse taste of the distinguished collector.


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