Fine and Rare Wine and Whisky Sale Marks 10 Years of Leadership in Whisky Auction

Bonhams Fine & Rare Wine and Whisky Sale will take place on 17 May in Hong Kong, presenting a total of 450 lots of whisky and 350 lots of wine. With a sale total estimate of HK$28million, Bonhams continues to be the auction house which consistently presents the highest total value of whisky in the market.

Daniel Lam, Bonhams Director of Wine & Spirits, Asia, comments, "Since 2009, Bonhams has been Asia's very first international auction house to introduce and commit to the whisky category, and we have been a market leader in this field since. The past decade has seen a strong and steady growth in the auction sale of whisky, with 2018 being an exceptional record year for Bonhams (*more details from the table below). As the global whisky community continues to be younger and more diverse, we are presenting an ever-eclectic selection of Scotch and Japanese whiskies in our May sale. From the rare and sought-after Scotch whisky from the late legendary bottler Silvano Samaroli, to the recently popular whisky casks, and further on to a set of "Ghost Series" Japanese whisky, our sale offers a lot to capture the diversifying market appetite."


Whisky From The Late Legendary Bottler Silvano Samaroli
Headlining the Scotch whisky session are 25 lots from the late Italian iconic bottler Silvano Samaroli – by far the largest offering in the Asia market. Among the legendary legacy left by Samaroli, his bottlings from the 1970s are the earliest release, and are understood to be in such scarcity in Asia that finding as few as five bottles on one occasion would be any whisky enthusiast's challenge. Bonhams' sale in May will present a total of 15 lots of Samaroli whisky distilled in the 1960s and 1970s, marking this sale an exclusive opportunity to collect sought- after Samaroli expressions.

Bowmore Flower Label-1972 (Samaroli)
Est. HK$ 38,000-45,000

Whisky Casks
By popular demand from the November sale, in which a world auction record was set for a whisky cask, Bonhams will once again present two cask lots to the Asia market. Inspected and tasted by Bonhams specialists, these casks open up options for collectors to bottle, to gift or to keep for maturation.

A Sherry Cask of Bowmore-1997
Distilled 24th November 1997 at Bowmore Distillery.
Cask no. 539. Yields 321 bottles. Re-gauge on 26th February 2019. Single Malt., Current abv 61.21% volume. 1 cask
Est. HK$1,500,000-1,900,000

Other Scotch Whisky Highlights:
1. Balvenie-1952-50 Year Old #191, est: HK$250,000-300,000 (One of 83 bottles)
2. Macallan-1928-50 Year Old, est: HK$700,000-900,000
3. Dalmore Eos-1951-59 Year Old, est: HK$400,000-500,000 (One of 20 bottles)
4. Dalmore Candela-50 Year old, est. HK$250,000-350,000 (One of 77 bottles)
5. 6 lots of the Macallan Lalique Six Pillar Collection including the Macallan Lalique-50 Year Old, est: HK$650,000-900,000
6. 14 bottles from Macallan Fine & Rare Series including the Macallan Fine & Rare-1939-40 Year Old, est: HK$280,000-360,000

Japanese Whisky

The 'Ghost Series'
Highlighting the Japanese whisky section is the 'Ghost Series' by Stefan Van Eycken, chief editor and owner of internationally-renowned whisky blog 'Nonjatta'. The full 'Ghost Series' to date comes in nine editions, each featuring a signature print from 'New Forms of 36 Ghosts' by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi – the last great master of the ukiyo-e genre of Japanese woodblock printing and painting.

Bottled from top-calibre Japanese distilleries such as Karuizawa, Hanyu, Kawasaki, and Chichibu, the series is known for its rarity, for not all editions were available through direct sales. While some editions could only be acquired through lottery and charity auctions, the Ghost 6th edition was intended to be opened and enjoyed upon delivery to selected whisky bars in Japan, leaving no unopened bottles to the auction market. Whereas the 6th edition will remain in the bar, Bonhams' upcoming sale presents the first opportunity for collectors to acquire all eight other available editions – otherwise the most 'complete' possible collection – on a single occasion.

Karuizawa-1996-16 year old-#3681
Karuizawa-1995-18 year old-#5022
Hanyu-2000-Bar Keller-#1702
Kawasaki-1980-33 year old-#6165
Karuizawa-4 Decades-1960 & 2000
Karuizawa x Kawasaki-Time Slip-1970s
Hanyu x Chichibu-Double Distilleries Est: HK$500,000-700,000
Hanyu x Chichibu Double Distilleries+Peated Est.: HK$56,000-70,000

Other Japanese Whisky Highlights:
1. Yamazaki -1984 - 34 year old - #WI2172, est: HK$180,000-240,000
2. Karuizawa-1981- 31 Year Old - #4333, est: HK$50,000 – 70,000
3. 16 Lots of Hanyu Ichiro Card series including the Hanyu Ichiro's Malt-9 of Hearts, est: HK$220,000-260,000
4. 6 bottles of Karuizawa Noh Series including the Karuizawa-1971- 41 Year Old-#1842, est. HK$110,000 -140,000


Soldera Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2005 (12 bottles), est: HK$42,000-50,000
Leroy La Romanée 1953 (3 bottles), est: HK$75,000-100,000
Comte de Liger Belair Golden Dragon Collection 2009 (8 bottles), est: HK$80,000 - 100,000 Petrus 2010 (6 bottles), est: HK$160,000-200,000
Château Lafite Rothschild 1990 (12 bottles), est: HK$48,000-60,000
Screaming Eagle 1998 (3 bottles), est: HK$48,000-60,000


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