A Magnificent and Large Gilt-Bronze Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni

Bonhams is delighted to offer a magnificent and large gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, 17th/18th century, Lot 185, (estimate £ 80,000 - 120,000) for sale on 16 May 2019 in London, New Bond Street.

Displaying tremendous power and presence, this powerful and large-scale figure of Buddha Shakyamuni is notable for the crisp casting and the meticulous attention to detail which is echoed in the gentle folds of the elegant monastic robes, finely embellished with foliate scrolls and diaper patterns.

The figure of Shakyamuni is one of the most widely represented subjects in Buddhist art. Modelled in the earth-touching gesture or bhumisparsha mudra, the Buddha recalls the moment of his Enlightenment, in which he called upon the earth as his witness of his battle against the temptations and attacks of Mara and his demons. The serene countenance conveyed by the gentle facial features, with the eyes depicted half closed in meditation and the long earlobes symbolising long life, follows the standard rules for the depiction of Buddha to ensure the deity was shown embodying maximum power.


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