Spectacular Giant Deer Antlers lead Sporting sale in Edinburgh

A pair of Irish Elk or Giant Deer antlers that once belonged to the world-renowned Australian painter, Sir Sydney Nolan, famous for his depiction of the outlaw Ned Kelly, leads Bonhams Sporting sale on Wednesday 1 May 10.00 on Monday 29 April at 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2. It is estimated at £26,000-30,000.

The so-called Irish Elk was not actually an elk nor exclusively Irish, though most of the remains have been found in Ireland. More accurately known as a Giant Deer and roamed the earth during the Pleistocene period of the Great Ice Age (starting 2.6 million years ago and ending around 11,700 years ago. Its antlers weighed up to 40 kilogrammes and spanned up to 3.65 metres.

Other highlights of the sale include:

• a white painted feather golf ball, handmade in around 1840 by Allan Robertson (1815-1859), one of most gifted of the early professional golfers. Estimate: £3,000-5,000.

• the oldest scorecard in the world. Framed and mounted, the card dates from 2 December 1820. It shows that a Mr. Cundell played the five holes within the Musselburgh Race Track twice, a total of ten holes in 84 strokes. Estimate: £2,500-3,500.

• A carved salmon from the River Eden caught by Edwin Hough, A. P. D. Malloch, Perth. The fish on which the carving is modelled was caught in November 1904 and weighed 32lbs. Estimate: £3,500-4,500


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