An extraordinary collection of antique arms and armour will be offered at Bonhams auction on 29 and 30 November, including the private collection of the late Paul Murray.

Murray boasted one of the world's most eclectic and remarkable collections of arms and armour. He spent several decades travelling the length and breadth of the globe in search of additions to it, and fondly remembered 'the good old days' when it was still possible for him to fly home with new additions stowed in his hand luggage! The vast collection, currently hidden in the underground treasure trove beneath the Knightsbridge saleroom, ranges from Japanese arrows and Continental iron sword pommels, via British presentation swords, to cased Manton duellers and European flintlock pistols.

Highlights of the Paul Murray Collection

- A Very Rare Cased Pair Of 15-Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistols
By John Manton, London, No. 1992 For 1793 (£12,000-15,000)

- A Cased Pair Of 25-Bore Flintlock Saw-Handled Duelling Pistols
By T. Mortimer & Son, London, Gun Makers To His Majesty, No. 2240, Circa 1815 (£6,000-8,000)

- A Fine Cased Pair Of 40-Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistols
By Wilson, Vigo Lane, London, Circa 1825 (£6,000-8,000)

- A Scottish 25-Bore All-Metal Flintlock Belt Pistol Belonging To Augustus, 3rd Duke Of Grafton By Alexr. Campbell Of Doune, Third Quarter Of The 18th Century (£6,000-8,000)

Those who look closely will note a hidden charm in almost every item in the collection; intricate masks carved in to silver barrels, ivory stags laid in to handles and eerie faces peeking from behind triggers.

The sale includes an excellent and rare example of a German Composite 'Maximilian' Full Armour (£40,000-60,000), which is the top lot of the auction. The department prides itself on offering the broadest possible range of antique arms and armour, ranging from a rare Viking sword of Petersen Type K and Wheeler Type IV from the 9th or 10th century (£7,000-9,000) to a Fine Balinese Kris from the late 19th or early 20th century (£4,000-5,000).

Other highlights include:

- A Rare Dutch 4 Pdr. Bronze Cannon of The Groote VischerĂ¿ Enkhuizen
Signed Wouter Wegewaert Me Fecit Enchvyoae, Dated 1653 (£6,000-8,000)

- A Rare Presentation Sabre To Lt. Sulivan Of The 1st. Reg.t. Of Life Guards By C Troop The Life Guards, Dated 1814 (£6,000-8,000)

- A Fine Suji-Bachi Kabuto. Unsigned, Edo Period (£5,000-8,000)

Previews – Bonhams Knightsbridge, Montpelier Street
- 26 Nov 2017 11:00 - 15:00
- 27 Nov 2017 09:00 - 19:30
- 28 Nov 2017 09:00 - 17:00


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