The Tacasyl Collection - Bonhams to offer magnificent US proof gold coins in September

Los Angeles - Bonhams is pleased to announce the sale of "The Tacasyl Collection of Magnificent United States Proof Gold Coins" on September 23 in Los Angeles. This collection of 27 lots represents a nearly complete collection of every major gold design type issued in Proof in the US between 1836 and 1915.

Each lot in this collection could be considered a highlight in its own right. Every coin is either the finest known example, or one of the finest of its type, and the majority have been cited in various standard reference books either by virtue of their rarity or impeccable condition. The entire collection was graded a number of years ago by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and the tally of grades is amazing, with the least well preserved coin being a Gem Proof-65 (there are only two of these, both of which are either the finest known of the date or tied for that honor with a single other example). Another three coins are graded Proof-66 and are also either the finest or tied for finest known of their date. Of the remaining 22 lots, 12 coins are graded Proof-67, an astonishing nine pieces are Proof-68, and the last coin, a Saint-Gaudens MCMVII high relief is an incredible Proof-69.

Of the many highlights in the Tacasyl Collection, the remarkable set of Stellas (four dollar coins) is a standout. These four coins, produced in 1879 and 1880 were patterns struck at the Philadelphia Mint by order of Congress in an unsuccessful effort to create a coin which could be used in international

trade. Although they are technically pattern coins, historically they have been collected as part of the regular series of coins made for circulation and are among the most coveted of all denominations. Each of the four Stellas to be offered has been graded by NGC as Proof 67, and although they will be offered as individual lots (with estimates ranging from $200,000 to $1,000,000) as a matched set, they are, according to the NGC website, the finest ever assembled.

Paul Song, Director of the Rare Coins and Medals Department at Bonhams, said of the Collection: "Having the opportunity to sell the Tacasyl Collection is an honor for Bonhams and personally, one of the highlights of my career. When I first saw the collection I was staggered not only by the exceptional quality of each coin, but by their individual rarity. I am in awe of the collector who assembled these coins; his emphasis on quality was paramount, and his success at having achieved
his goal is unquestionable."

The two earliest coins in the collection are also among the rarest; these are the 1836 Quarter Eagle and Half Eagle (the only two gold coins produced by the Mint in that year). The 1836 Quarter Eagle grades a superb Proof-66* Ultra Cameo (estimated at $200,000-300,000) and the Half Eagle an amazing Proof-67* Ultra Cameo (estimated at $400,000-600,000). Both of these are the finest known (and there are only a total of six Quarter Eagles and four Half Eagles known to exist in Proof). They are both believed to have been owned by an English family from their date of issue until their rediscovery by an American numismatist in the mid-1990s.

The collection also contains a complete gold Proof set from 1845 (each coin to be offered individually)
consisting of a Quarter Eagle Proof-67* Cameo (estimated at $180,000-250,000); a Half Eagle Proof-
66 Ultra Cameo (estimated at $200,000-300,000); and an Eagle Proof-65 Cameo (estimated at
$150,000-200,000). Each of these coins is of the utmost rarity – only about four examples of each (including an example of each in the Smithsonian Institute) are believed to exist, and these are among the finest examples known in private hands.

The first lot of the sale, an 1855 Type 2 Gold Dollar has been graded Proof-66* Ultra Cameo and is
tied for finest known honors (estimated at $250,000-350,000). This transitional design was only made for three years and Proof examples of this date are of such rarity that even the National Collection
does not have an example. This specimen has a distinguished pedigree stretching back over a century and was once part of such famed collections as those formed by Ed Trompeter, Louis Eliasberg, John Clapp, and Elmer Sears (1909).

The sale will conclude with a section of Double Eagles, and as with the rest of this remarkable Collection, "they are spectacular," according to Song. There are three major design types for the Liberty Head Double Eagles. The first type was produced between 1850 and 1865 and all are of the

greatest rarity in Proof. The example from 1863 in the Tacasyl Collection is Proof-65 Cameo, and was formerly in the collections of Harry Bass and Gaston Di Bello. The coin is estimated to bring $250,000-

The second design type was produced between 1866 and 1876, and during this 11 year period the
Mint struck a meager total of only 335 proofs, of which a mere handful have survived. The 1870 Proof Double Eagle to be offered has been graded a remarkable Proof-67 Ultra Cameo. It is one of the finest known examples known of the date and tied for finest known honors with a single other coin for the entire eleven year design type. It is estimated to realize $350,000-425,000.

The last of the three Liberty Head Double Eagles is the star of the section. Dated 1891, this coin is an incredible survival. It has been graded Proof-68* Ultra Cameo, and has been published by one of America's most renowned numismatists as "the finest $20 [Liberty Head] proof ever seen." It is rare as a date and an astonishing rarity by condition. Of the more than one million (both proofs and business strikes) Liberty Head Double Eagles graded by the two major services, a mere six have been graded "68,"and this is the only example to bear the star designation for exceptional eye appeal. It is estimated to bring $300,000-500,000.

One of the most famous of all United States coins is Augustus Saint-Gaudens high relief Double Eagle struck in 1907 which bears the date in Roman numerals. The Tacasyl Collection is graced by an astounding example of this most popular of all US gold coins. It is one of the very finest in existence, having been graded a spectacular Proof-69. Estimated to realize $400,000-500,000 it comes from the renowned collection of Saint-Gaudens coinage formed by Philip H. Morse (in whose catalog this coin was called "essentially perfect").

These are only a few of the extraordinary coins and other sections are no less impressive. For instance, there are examples of both Satin and Matte Proofs for each denomination of the Saint- Gaudens and Bela Lyon Pratt designs. Their grades extend from Proof-67 to Proof-68, with estimates ranging from $45,000 to 175,000.

Song, states of this unique Collection: "This will be a landmark sale - every coin in the Tacasyl offering is a gem and will be a highlight of each new collection it enters."

The Tacasyl Collection of Magnificent United States Proof Gold Coins" will be exhibited at Bonhams offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The coins will also be shown at major trade shows in 2013, including the American Numismatic Association's World Fair of Money, in Chicago August 2013. Private viewing will be available by appointment.

The illustrated auction catalog for the sale will be available online for review and purchase in the weeks preceding the sale at For more information about the department, please visit


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