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Namiki. A Rare and Superb Emperor "Goldfish" Maki-E Fountain Pen

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Namiki. A Rare and Superb Emperor "Goldfish" Maki-E Fountain Pen
Model: Emperor "Goldfish" created by artisan Seiki Chida, circa 2010
Cap, clip and barrel: Togidashi Maki-E lacquer, depicting three goldfish swimming in the swirls of silver ripples, double signed
Nib: 18k gold, M.
Accompaniments: Maker's wooden presentation box, purple silk cord, outer packaging, signed artisan card, boxed filler, wrapped full ink well and soft red cloth
Measurement: 17.3cm


The Goldfish Fountain Pen is executed in the Togidashi-Maki-e technique, by the esteemed craftsman Seiki Chida. An exquisite interpretation of traditional Japanese design, the swirls of silver ripples beautifully stylize the effect of light on water. The contrast between the brilliant colors and the muted metal urushi gives depth to the composition. Medium 18ct gold nib imprinted with Mt. Fuji in a white platinum wash and the Namiki pentagon. Includes original wooden box, packaging, ink bottle and artisan autographed paper.

Namiki(並木)。「金魚」,精緻罕有蒔繪金飾漆藝鋼筆,由千田正樹大師(Seiki Chida)簽名,年份約2010。附並木筆盒、大師簽名卡、吸墨器、布及墨水瓶。

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