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Belmont Meteorite – Partial Slice

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Belmont Meteorite – Partial Slice
Stony Chondrite

Recovered by a Wisconsin farmer, Belmont was initially studied at the Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology. In 1961, it was sectioned for detailed study at the University of New Mexico. The present partial slice displays a fine polish on one surface with an edge of fusion crust. This slice was sectioned from the meteorite mass that was acquired by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, founding Director of the Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico; the mass currently resides at the Institute of Meteoritics. Interestingly, Dr. LaPaz, who assisted in identifying Belmont as meteoritic, was interviewed by Project Blue Book, the History Channel television show; he is said to have witnessed two UFOs only days after the famous Roswell UFO incident and purportedly was called in to interview witnesses and determine the flight path of the alleged recovered craft. Painted museum collection number. Weighing approximately 233 grams and measuring 164 x 104 x 5mm


Provenance: Ex. Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico. Accompanied by an Institute label.

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