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NWA 7493 Lunar Meteorite – Complete End Cut

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NWA 7493 Lunar Meteorite – Complete End Cut
Lunar, NWA 7493, Feldspathic Breccia
Zag, Morocco

Lunar breccias are the result of meteorites bombarding the moon's surface, causing the shock-compression of rock fragments into coherent rock forms. For these rocks to be freed of the moon's gravity, for them to penetrate Earth's atmosphere and, finally, for them to be discovered by humans requires a series of exceptionally rare events. The cut surface of the present specimen exhibits a brecciated texture dominated by medium gray, tan and white lithic clasts, plus white feldspar grains set in a sparse, darker gray matrix. NWA 7493 is a typical feldspathic breccia, but with a rare granophyre clast. The present offering is a complete end-cut with one fine polished surface and beautiful end surface structure. Weighing approximately 5.55 grams and measuring 30 x 45 x 5mm
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