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D'Orbigny, an Angrite Meteorite – Complete Polished Slice

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D'Orbigny, an Angrite Meteorite – Complete Polished Slice
Coronel Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Representing one of the oldest known differentiated types of rock in the solar system, angrites have been estimated at over 4.5 billion years old (Amelin, 2007; Spivak-Birndorf et al., 2009.) The original D'Orbigny specimen was discovered in a cornfield by a farmer who struck the mass with his plow. The present offering is a complete D'Orbigny slice with two polished surfaces containing numerous fascinating small, round vugs. Partial fusion crust is visible in this covetable specimen. Weighing approximately 19 grams and measuring 43 x 51 x 3.4mm
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