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Cole Creek Meteorite – Complete Slice

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Cole Creek Meteorite – Complete Slice
Stony, Ordinary Chondrite - H5
Sherman County, Nebraska

This giant-sized slice of the Cole Creek, Nebraska meteorite was recovered from a road excavation on News Year's Day: January 1, 1991. Cutting of the 16.2-kilogram mass revealed an extraordinary matrix of round spheres called chondrules, representing primordial mineral material from the early solar system. Cole Creek has been studied at the University of New Mexico. The present specimen, a complete slice, is a fine example of a rarely seen meteorite polished on one surface with fusion crust visible around the entire perimeter. The superlative slice was acquired from Dr. Jim Schwade, a prominent American meteorite collector and is accompanied by a Jim Schwade Meteorite Collection label. Weighing approximately 607 grams and measuring 250 x 130 x 7mm


Provenance: Ex. Jim Schwade Collection. Accompanied by a Jim Schwade Meteorite Collection label.

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