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Chico Meteorite – Complete Slice

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Chico Meteorite – Complete Slice
Impact Melt Breccia – L6
Northeastern New Mexico

This complete Chico slice, exhibiting one polished face, displays all the fascinating signs of a high velocity collision – vesicles (gas bubbles), swirly melt zones and broken rock fragments. Meteorites classified as impact melt breccias, such as Chico, are of special interest, not only because these discoveries are rare, but also because they offer the potential for study of the impact crater-producing processes that take place on the surfaces of asteroids. The present slice was removed from the main mass, which is on display at the University of New Mexico. Weighing approximately 143 grams and measuring 153 x 75 x 4.8mm


Provenance: Ex. Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico. Accompanied by an Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico label.

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