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EHRLICH, PAUL. 1854-1915.
5 Monographs:

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EHRLICH, PAUL. 1854-1915.
5 Monographs: 1) Die experimentelle Chemotherapie der Spirillosen (with S. HATA). Berlin: 1910. 5 photographic plates. Publisher's printed wrappers. FIRST EDITION;
2) The Experimental Chemotherapy of Spirilloses. New York: [1911]. Publisher's cloth. Slightly soiled at corners. First English translation;
3) WECHSELMANN, WILHELM. 1860-1942. The Treatment of Syphilis with Salvarsan. With an Introduction by Paul Ehrlich. New York: 1911. Publisher's cloth. Fine. First English translation;
4) "606" (with J.E.R. MCDONAGH). [In:] Theory and Practice. London 1911. Contemporary cloth. FIRST EDITION;
5) Experimental Researches on Specific Therapeutics. New York: 1907. Publisher's cloth. Slightly rubbed.

Garrison-Morton 2403 (items 1 and 2): "After many experiments on the action of synthetic drugs upon spirochaetal diseases, Ehrlich and Hata in 1909 discovered Arsphenamine (Salvarsan. 'the arsenic that saves', also known as '606')," an effective treatment for syphilis and trypanosomiasis. Arsphenamine was the first modern chemotherapeutic agent....It was the first blockbuster drug, and remained the most effective drug for syphilis until penicillin became available in 1940." Item 3 reports Wechselmann's extensive experience with Salvarsan at the Rudolf Virchow Hospital in Berlin. Ehrlich, in his introduction to the volume, declares, "The clear, illuminating presentation of the subject, its beautiful general make-up, and especially the excellent reproduction of the illustrations and table deserve laudatory comment, as they impart a brilliant vestment of the rich content of the work." The sixteen color photographs depict the dermatological findings in patients with congenital and acquired syphilis. In his preface to item 4, Ehrlich writes, "Mr. McDonagh from the beginning, as the first observer in England, has devoted the greatest attention to treatment of syphilis by 'Salvarsan', and had succeeded in obtaining some excellent results.... [this book] which sets forth very clearly Mr. McDonagh's large clinical experience, should prove of the greatest value to every reader, since I have always considered him as one of the most successful pioneers in establishing the best method of administering the drug, its dosage, as well as when it should be repeated, so that the very best results may be expected by following his advice." See Heirs of Hippocrates 2159. Grolier Medicine 92.

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