My Favourite Room
Juergen Teller

Bonhams Magazine

Issue 58, Spring 2019

Page 26

Juergen Teller plucked up his courage, and descended the stairs into an Austrian paradise

When did you first see the Tiroler Hut?
I first discovered it about 20 years ago. It's a tiny hole in the wall, which leads down into the basement. For years, I was afraid to go down. Then I found my strength and discovered the perfect place for me in London.

Could you describe it? What is the atmosphere like?
Welcoming, authentic, friendly, cosy. You are transported into a traditional, old-fashioned Austrian restaurant, with live music and original recipes. The ice-cold beer is followed by schnapps.

Describe the food
Typical Austrian-Hungarian fare, from liver dumpling soup to different sausages and schnitzel... you get the idea.

What does the Tiroler Hut mean to you?
It's been an inspiration. I celebrated many birthday parties, exhibition openings and after-shoot parties there. I've brought Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Boris Becker, Vivienne Westwood, Lily Cole and many more down here for dinner, and started using it as a location for my photography. I became close friends with owners
Josef and Christine and their three children, too.

What does the room look like?
There are many wooden carved sculptures, pictures of snowy mountains and Austrian landscapes, and behind the music booth is a picture of me. It shows my head collapsed into a pig's head, surrounded by potatoes, sausages, sauerkraut and 40 glasses of schnapps and beer. This was a staged picture that I took to create the invite for my 40th birthday party.

Do you know the history of the Tiroler Hut?
I only know that Josef started the restaurant more than 50 years ago, which is completely amazing. He's still playing the accordion and piano, sings and plays cowbells.

Are there any other places like it?
There are none that I know of in London with such a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Juergen Teller is a photographer who spans the worlds of fine art and fashion.

The exhibition Demelza Kids by Juergen Teller is at New Bond Street from 10 to 16 April. For more information about the exhibition and the charity it supports.

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