TURING, ALAN MATHISON. 1912-1954. Composition notebook. TURING, ALAN MATHISON. 1912-1954. Composition notebook.
Sold for $1,025,000. Fine Books and Manuscripts New York, 13 April 2015

Art Market Review

Issue 11, January - July 2015

Page 20

In this key handwritten scientific document Turing works on the foundations of mathematical notation and computer science. Made up of 56 pages contained in a simple notebook bought from a stationers in Cambridge it is almost certainly the only extensive autograph manuscript by Turing in existence. From internal evidence, it dates from 1942 when he was working at Bletchley Park to break the German Enigma Code, and provides remarkable insight into the thought process of a genius. It was among the papers left by Turing in his will to his close friend and fellow mathematician, Robin Gandy.

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