Yiannis Moralis (Greek, 1916-2009) Full moon L (Λ) 196 x 178 cm. Olympia Pappa
Sold for £266,500 in London, 25 November 2014

Art Market Review

Issue 9, July - December 2014

Page 38

Painted in 1977, Full Moon L is a superb example of advanced geometric abstraction, distinguished by solid compositional structure, purity of form, harmonious proportions and dynamic rhythm of flowing curvilinear themes and interlocking patterns. True to his classical Greek heritage and yet utilising a formal vocabulary perfectly balanced to the scale of modern sensitivity, Moralis sought the realisation of a classical ideal, the discovery of a universal measure for logos and pathos. Tenderly embraced by a soft glow of divine radiance and sensual luminosity, Moralis's graceful female figures are closely attuned to the timeless forms of ancient Greek art, as if they were created by the Muses and the Hours.

Olympia Pappa
Greek Art specialist

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