A Flawless Collection of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds (16) Jean Ghika
Sold for HK$20,280,000 in Hong Kong, 26 November 2014

Art Market Review

Issue 9, July - December 2014

Page 30

This flawless collection of 16 Hearts and Arrows diamonds weighed 39.98 carats in total, ranging from 4.49 to 1.16 carats. Hearts and Arrows diamonds first emerged from Japan in the 1980s, and they fulfilled three very important criteria. They were cut to the 'ideal proportions' set out in Marcel Tolkowsky's 1919 Bible Diamond Design: cut with superior optical symmetry in order to qualify for the Excellent grade awarded by the Japanese laboratories; and they were cut to a specific faceting pattern. The result when all these factors come together are diamonds which produce the hearts and arrows effect – a near-perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows with the stone face up and eight symmetrical hearts with it face down. The technique takes up to three times longer for polishers to implement and has a wastage rate of around 15 per cent. As a consequence only one per cent of the world's diamonds are cut to hearts and arrows optical symmetry precision which makes them rare, expensive and as with this collection much sought after.

Jean Ghika
Director of Jewellery

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