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Ignition - Winter / Spring 2013

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Bonhams staff select the one motor vehicle from each decade they would have in their garage given the benefit of unlimited funds.


1900 – 1910
1903 Mercedes 60

For me this is clearly the greatest sports racing car of the early 20th century. So there is no question, I would have to have one in my dream garage.

1910 – 1920
1910 Mors GP

This car is one of the most spectacular chain driven monsters, frightening to look at and simply terrifying to drive at high speed. Imagine hurling one of these monsters along a dirt track at racing velocity. You would need to possess a very limited imagination ..... !

1920 – 1930
1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pick-Up

The dust-bowl-on-wheels. This has so much passion, romance and character embodied in such an unlikely package. My beloved Model A would be one of the last of the cars I own to leave my garage, but I hope it would never come to that.

1930 – 1940
1939 Mercedes-Benz W165

The ultimate expression of pre-war Teutonic engineering, and one of the most amazing – although largely unchallenged – voiturette cars. Whenever I read the story of this car I still cannot believe Mercedes achieved what they did. Just incredible.

1940 – 1950
1945 Panzerkampfwagen VI Sd.Kfz 182
'King Tiger' Battle Tank

The Germans might have lost the war but this machine is a quite extraordinary piece of technical brilliance and engineering mastery.
It would complete a great pair alongside the W165. I am not sure it would fit into my garage, however – and spares would certainly be an issue.

1950 – 1960
1959 Aston Martin DBR1/300

If I were to have one 1950s sports racer only – and for these purposes I only have room for one – then this would have to be it. Truly magnificent and wonderful to drive, my only regret is the myriad
road and racing cars that I have to reject in choosing it. This is surely the cruellest of decades within which to determine just one favourite?

1960 – 1970
1967 Austin Mini-Moke

The Mini-Moke is simply a great, characterful car that encapsulates all that was fun about the 1960s. This category was another tough call, when I had the 1960 Comp Short Wheelbase Ferrari or Graham Hill's P578 BRM (Old Faithful) available to me, but I stick by my choice.

1970 – 1980
1970 Porsche 917K

This is without question the ultimate sports-racing car: period. Major surgery would be required for me to fit into it comfortably, but I suspect it would almost be worth that for just one fl ying lap at the wheel around the Nurburgring Nordschleife .... now there's a thought!

1980 – 1990
1990-ish (well, 1994 actually) McLaren F1

Easily characterised as the ultimate 20th century road car. You would just have to have one, wouldn't you?

1990 – 2000
1999 BMW M3 Grp N Touring Car

I am not sure where it is now, but it would be very nice to get back my old European Championship-winning GTS M3. Without question one of my happiest racing memories is watching with my team-mate Tony Dron as our co-driver Rob Wilson took the chequered fl ag for the class
win at that year's Nurburgring 24 Hours.

2000 – 2010
2013 John Deere 4720 Compact Cab Utility Tractor

This is the ideal centrepiece of farm machinery for any hilly Somerset farm... and I happen to own one of those. It is enormous fun to drive, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and has every gadget you can imagine. What more could 21st century (country) man desire?

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