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Tel: +39 06 485 900[email protected]

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00

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Giovedi' Gioielli

Ogni giovedi', siamo a disposizione per valutazioni gratuite e confidenziali di Gioielli antichi e moderni.

7 September – 21 December | Rome

Specialists and representatives

Photo of Linda Borgioni

Linda Borgioni

Senior Client Liaison

Linda Borgioni, Client Liaison presso la sede di Bonhams a Roma, affianca al ruolo di assistenza ai clienti quello di sviluppo della comunicazione digitale dell'ufficio. Laureata in Comunicazione pubb…

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Photo of Eleonora D'Ottavi

Eleonora D'Ottavi

Head of Department, Italy

Eleonora D'Ottavi is Head of Jewelry at Bonhams in Rome. She supports the category's global auctions and her areas of expertise include 20th century jewelry design and Italian jewelers. Since joining …

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Photo of Gregor Wenner

Gregor Wenner

Specialist Consultant

Gregor Wenner has been working in the world of classic car auctions since 2003, joining the Bonhams Collector Cars department in 2011. He speaks several languages and represents the department in Ital…

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