How to sell

A simple step by step guide on how to sell your goods at auction with Bonhams


Selecting the most suitable auction and date to sell your property
Our specialists will use their extensive experience to advise you on the most appropriate auction for your item. This might be at one of our international salerooms rather than your nearest one if demand is likely to be greater there and competition between buyers could be higher.

Transporting your property
You can transport the item yourself at your own expense - or we can arrange this for you at a small cost.

If you are consigning goods from overseas, shipping charges, taxes and import duties may apply. Some countries apply import and export regulations for some types of goods. You should take particular note of export licensing and CITES (endangered species) export / import regulations. Although it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these, please do contact Bonhams in advance if you have any doubts on what to do.

UK shipping & transportation: [email protected]
USA shipping & transportation: [email protected]

Agreeing sales terms and reserve
When we have agreed on the sale terms, we will give you a Receipt and Contract Form listing the details about the price at which you will be prepared to sell your item or items.

Contract and receipt for consignment
When you have consigned your goods for sale, our specialist will discuss your sale requirements with you and record these on the Receipt and Contract Form.

This document is important because it is your instruction to us to sell. It is your contract with Bonhams, specifying the sale terms, and your receipt for the property you have consigned. The form carries your personal reference number for the particular consignment, in the top right-hand corner, which should be quoted in all communication concerning your sale items. At the same time, you will also receive a folder containing our Conditions of Business.

Contact a specialist
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