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Gems and Minerals of Old Burma / Six Faceted Burmites

LOT 2005
Six Faceted Burmites
10 – 20 May 2022, 12:00 PDT
En ligne, Los Angeles

Vendu 318,75 $ US commission incluse

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Six Faceted Burmites

Hukawng Valley, Northern Kachin State, Burma

Once thought to be about the same age as Mexican amber, it was recently found that Burmite is much older--at least 100 million years old--or dating to the Cretaceous period. Other ambers that are used for jewelry or carvings are much younger, typically dating to the Tertiary period. Occasionally it is found in a glorious clear, cherry red for which it became famed, and which was so popular with the Chinese for carving. Possibly because of its age, burmite is harder than other ambers, and it takes a very high polish.

While Burmite was utilized in English Victorian jewelry it is never seen in the present market in these large and fine examples for the collector which are suitable for mounting.

The present group includes six golden Burmites: a cushion-shape, weighing approximately 4.37 carats and measuring 16.68 x 13.87 x 8.16mm; a cushion-shaped, weighing 4.36 carats; a rectangular-cut, weighing 3.97 carats; a rectangular-cut, weighing 3.97 carats; a cut-cornered rectangular-cut, weighing 3.63 carats; and a cushion-cut, weighing approximately 2.73 carats. Total weight approximately 23.03 carats. (6)

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