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LOT 3378
Admire Pallasite - Thick Slab
17 mai 2022, 10 h 00 UTC-7
Los Angeles

Lot à vendre sans réserve

US$20,000 - US$30,000


Admire Pallasite - Thick Slab

Stony-Iron Pallasite
Admire, Lyon County, Kansas

The Admire Pallasite was first discovered near Admire, Kansas in 1881 even though it fell to Earth some 15,000 years ago. It is unique among pallasites in that its olivine crystals display chatoyancy, a fascinating change of luster due to the way in which light is reflected. The present specimen is an impressive meteorite, displaying large olivine crystals in a brightly polished matrix. Both faces are polished and the bottom is cut to allow the specimen to stand up, while fusion crust is visible on the outer edges. Weighing approximately 4.37 kilograms (9.6 lbs) and measuring 8 x 7 x 2 in

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