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Fine Gems, Opals, Lapidary Arts and Natural History / Amethyst from a Rare Locality--A MEMBER OF 100 CARATS CLUB

LOT 3003
Amethyst from a Rare Locality--"A MEMBER OF 100 CARATS CLUB"
17 mai 2022, 10 h 00 UTC-7
Los Angeles

Vendu 3 825 $ US commission incluse

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Amethyst from a Rare Locality--"A MEMBER OF 100 CARATS CLUB"

Amethyst is a recent discovery in the small African nation of Rwanda in 2015. Mineral enthusiasts believe this locality of Amethyst produces some of the most spectacular stones due to the depth of color with phenomenal red-violet hue when exposed to daylight.

The present, fine triangular-shaped amethyst possesses a deep, luxurious purple hue with a hints of red flashes when rotating the gem. Both the excellent transparency and high luster make this a stone worthy of consideration by the most serious collector. Weighing approximately 136.63 carats and measuring 35.40 x 34.77 x 25.20mm

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