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More than a Game / A RARE BRONZE ARROW VASE, TOUHU Yuan Dynasty

LOT 24
Yuan Dynasty
29 mai 2022, 14 h 00 UTC+8
Hong Kong, Admiralty

Sold for HK$121,125 inc. premium

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Yuan Dynasty
The compressed globular body raised on a tiered foot supporting a tapered section cast with stylized phoenix on a leiwen ground, the same pattern repeated above the shoulder and on the two lug handles flanked on the top of the neck, the shoulders encircled by a band of quatrefoil above the main body section divided by four projecting flanges, the tall slender neck decorated with two applied writhing chi-dragons. 35.3cm (13 7/8in) high, 2.7kg.


元 銅螭龍仿古鳳鳥紋雙貫耳投壺

Phillips, London, 9 May 1985
The Brian Harkins Collection


This vase is in the same form as lot 23 in the present catalogue, with the shoulders engraved with diaper ground within a raised border in the shape of persimmon sepals. The lobed leaves between the lappets is close to that seen on leaves depicted on porcelain and cloisonné enamel of the Yuan dynasty.

The archaistic phoenix motif on the present vase is rare on archaistic bronze vessels of the Song and Yuan dynasties of which the typical motif would be archaistic scrolls or taotie patterns. Compare a bronze vase, you, with an arched handle decorated with the similar archaistic phoenix motif, Southern Song dynasty, excavated in Huzhou, Zhejiang, illustrated in Dynastic Renaissance: Art and Culture of the Southern Song, Antiquities, Taipei, 2010, pp.68-69, no.I-15. See also a related phoenix motif on a bronze vase, Yuan, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,



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