The Topographical Department provides specialist expertise on artifacts, paintings, drawings, books, maps, manuscripts and photographs offering insights into the people and places of the world - often as documented during notable feats of travel and exploration. The department hosts a regular sale entitled Travel & Exploration, featuring sections focusing on the Polar regions, the Americas, the West Indies, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Notable sales include: a sledge and flag from Shackleton's Nimrod expedition to the South Pole in 1907-09 (a combined £218,750); a unique copy of Aurora Australis, printed and published in Antarctica in 1908 (£68,750); a first edition of Jean Michel Cazabon's Views of Trinidad (£60,000); a beautifully detailed watercolor by Edward Roper, completed in 1858 and showing a view of the goldfields at Ararat in Australia (£32,500); an extremely rare early view in Mexico, painted by Daniel Thomas Egerton (£344,750); and an album of photographs by John Claude White taken in Bhutan and Sikkim in 1905 (£40,000).


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