Canadian Art

The Canadian Art Department specialises in well known artists who were members or associated with groups such as the Group of Seven, Les Automatistes, Les Plasticiens, the Beaver Hall Group, Painters Eleven and Regina Five to name a few. As well, we have achieved record prices with important historical Canadian painters such as Cornelius David Kreighoff ($180,000) sourced from Bonhams London; James Wilson Morrice ($204,000) and Peter Rindisbacher ($252,000); and Canadian modernists including Walter Joseph Phillips ($78,000) sourced from our regional office in Devon; Henrietta Mabel May ($108,000), Edward John Hughes ($102,000); Leon Bellefleur ($78,000), John (Jack) Chambers ($40,000) both sourced from our California office; and Ronald Albert Martin ($72,000).

With worldwide exposure through the Bonhams Group, the Canadian Art Department works closely with our colleagues in our vast network of offices to value and market Canadian Art to local and international audiences.