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Chinese Paintings

Bonhams Chinese Paintings auctions offer an exemplary range of paintings and calligraphy, spanning centuries and encompassing all genres. We hold dedicated live sales twice a year in Hong Kong and targeted single-owner sales in both Hong Kong and New York, as well as online sales throughout the year.

Our extensively researched and carefully curated auctions have achieved outstanding results in recent years, drawing global museums and private collectors alike. Covering centuries of Chinese history, the department showcases masterpieces by Ming and Qing dynasty masters such as Wen Zhengming and Wang Hui, as well as key 20th century artists Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Xu Beihong, Lu Yanshao, Pu Ru, Wu Guanzhong and Lin Fengmian.

In addition, Chinese paintings and calligraphy constitute a major part of our biannual Chinese Works of Art auctions in New York, Los Angeles, London and Sydney, offering our clients and collectors unrivalled opportunities to both buy and sell their collections during each calendar year.

Buying and selling Chinese paintings at Bonhams
Bonhams Chinese Paintings department has specialists and consultants in the United States, Hong Kong and Australia.

With offices and representatives in 22 countries, Bonhams gives buyers and sellers access to a global network of collectors, to achieve the highest price and level of customer satisfaction possible. Contact a specialist directly for more information or submit your item online for a free auction estimate.

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Photo of Bruce Maclaren

Bruce Maclaren

Global Head, Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Bruce MacLaren is Vice President and Global Head of Chinese paintings and calligraphy at Bonhams. Based in New York, Bruce leads the international Chinese painting team, holding dedicated auctions in …

View profile of Bruce Maclaren
Photo of Dessa Goddard

Dessa Goddard

Global Head, Business Strategy, Chinese Paintings

Dessa Goddard is US Head of the Asian Art Group, Vice President and Global Head, Business Strategy for Chinese Paintings, Senior Specialist for Chinese Art, and a Director of Bonhams Hong Kong. She ov…

View profile of Dessa Goddard
Photo of Rex Lin

Rex Lin

Senior Specialist

Rex Lin is Senior Specialist for Chinese Paintings at Bonhams in Hong Kong.

View profile of Rex Lin
Photo of Krystal Liu

Krystal Liu

Junior Specialist/Cataloguer

Krystal Liu joined Bonhams New York in 2022 as Junior Specialist. Her areas of expertise include Chinese painting, calligraphy and scholar's objects. Before joining Bonhams, Krystal had worked with Ch…

View profile of Krystal Liu
Photo of Suhyung Kim

Suhyung Kim

Director, Asian Works of Art

Suhyung Kim is Director of Asian Works of Art at Bonhams Skinner. Her areas of expertise include Korean art, Japanese prints and Asian ceramics and paintings. Joining Bonhams Skinner in 2012, Suhyung …

View profile of Suhyung Kim
Photo of Lazarus Halstead

Lazarus Halstead

Head of Department

Lazarus Halstead is Head of Asian Art at Bonhams Knightsbridge in London. Lazarus has been working in the field of Asian Art for more than 10 years. He previously founded a successful Asian Art depart…

View profile of Lazarus Halstead
Photo of Yvett Klein

Yvett Klein


Yvett Klein joined Bonhams in 2011 as an Asian Art Specialist and works closely with Bonhams international Asian Art department. Yvett holds two master's degrees from the University of Sydney in Museu…

View profile of Yvett Klein
Photo of Rachel Du

Rachel Du


Rachel Du is Specialist and Head of Sale for Chinese Works of Art at Bonhams in Los Angeles. Her areas of expertise include jades, porcelain, scholar's objects and bronzes. Since joining Bonhams in 20…

View profile of Rachel Du
Photo of Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang


Jennifer Wang is a Specialist for Chinese Paintings at Bonhams in Hong Kong. Her areas of expertise include modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, and fine classical Chinese paintings and calligra…

View profile of Jennifer Wang
Photo of Dick Lin

Dick Lin

Jr. Specialist/Cataloguer

Dick Lin is Junior Specialist and Cataloguer for Chinese Paintings at Bonhams in San Francisco.

View profile of Dick Lin
Photo of Katniss Xu

Katniss Xu

Senior Sale Coordinator

Katniss Xu is a Junior Cataloguer and Administrator for Asian Art in Los Angeles.

View profile of Katniss Xu
Photo of Coco Li

Coco Li

Sale Coordinator, Chinese Works of Art

Coco Li is the Sale Coordinator for Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art at Bonhams in New York. Coco is a graduate of the University College London (UCL), London. She also holds a Master of Arts degree …

View profile of Coco Li

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