Sericho Pallasite - Slice

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Sericho Pallasite - Slice

US$ 5,000 - 6,000
£ 3,500 - 4,200
Sericho Pallasite - Slice
Eastern Kenya, Africa

The cut surface of this marvelous slice has been polished and etched to reveal its remarkable Widmanstatten structure contrasted against abundant yellow to orange olivine crystals. It has been protected by galvanic cleaning and a clear polymer coating, making this a very stable pallasite specimen. Officially recognized as a meteorite in 2016, Sericho's masses had been known to camel herders for decades prior to the discovery: One village elder recounted a story of playing on top of the mysterious stones as a child. To this date, the Sericho strewn field has been measured at greater than 45 kilometers in length. Weighing approximately 888 grams and measuring 13 x 9 in
Sericho Pallasite - Slice
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