Incomparable Lunar Meteorite - End Cut

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Incomparable Lunar Meteorite - End Cut

US$ 200,000 - 250,000
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Incomparable Lunar Meteorite - End Cut
NWA 13119, Feldspathic Breccia
Mauritania, Northwest Africa

This spectacular end cut of the lunar meteorite, NWA 13119, is from the largest piece of the main mass. It has been classified by the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. The structure of the clasts and matrix tell the story of the cataclysmic impact which ejected this material from the surface of the moon, evidenced by the light-colored clasts in the dark matrix. The light-colored clasts are marvelously frozen in motion in the melt matrix. This feldspathic Lunar breccia is currently 1 of 219 officially classified Lunar meteorites. Weighing approximately 1039.5 gms and measuring 4 ¾ x 9 ¾ in; the thickness varying from ½ to 1 1/4 in
Incomparable Lunar Meteorite - End Cut
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