Gatuto Meteorite--Complete Individual

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Gatuto Meteorite--Complete Individual

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Gatuto Meteorite--Complete Individual
L6 Meteorite
Gatuto, near Mount Kenya National Park, Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Around 8:30 pm on April 24th, 2020, Josphat Gakere was outside with his family in the foothills of Mount Kenya National Park. They were startled by glowing lights in the sky and then a loud noise of what they through was a bomb exploding. Moments later they said it felt like an earthquake as the 6.2 kilo meteorite crash landed only 15 meters away from where they were outside. The family frightened from what they experienced scampered in every direction then quickly regrouped to find the cause of such dismay. Surveying the property, Josphat discovered his juvenile maize plants were missing and instead there was a giant hole in place of where his crops once were. The next morning, investigation into what caused the damage led to the exciting discovery of this complete 6.2 kg meteorite embedded 3 feet into the ground. This was an important witnessed fall.

The following morning, an intact 6140 g fusion-crusted stone was excavated from the hole. Mrs. Mary Wamburu was preparing supper in her house near the village of Kombuini (between Kagio and Kutus) when she heard a noise on the corrugated metal roof. She looked into the next room and saw a hole in the roof and shattered rock on the concrete floor. Further investigations led by Mr. Mahamed Nur Ogle resulted in the recovery of a 2290 g stone, excavated next to a tree with bark shredded at a high angle to the ground on the farm adjacent to Mr. Gakere's farm, as well as a 1 kg stone next to the Kerugoya-Kaguma road near the nearby village of Kimicha, an additional 494.4 g of fragments from other farms, and 117.7 g of fragments which had impacted and made white marks on the Kagio-Kutus road near Kimicha. Another >8 kg stone was excavated from its impact hole behind a man's home located 2.2 km NNW of Gatuto; although people struck the stone with a hammer and removed some fragments, a ~7.4 kg intact piece remained. Soon after the fall event John Higgins in collaboration with Mahamad Nur Ogle acquired a total of 10.122 kg of material, and independently Michael Farmer obtained a total of 9.3 kg of material.

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Weighing 6.2 kilos (13.5 lbs) and measuring 8 x 7 x 5 in


  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the International Meteorite Collectors Association, John Higgins, IMCA #9822, dated February 8, 2021.
Gatuto Meteorite--Complete Individual
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