<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250

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Lot 329
1947 ALLARD K1

US$ 60,000 - 70,000
£ 44,000 - 52,000
1947 ALLARD K1
Chassis no. 71K250

c.276ci Side-Valve Mercury V8 Engine – see text
Twin Holley 94 Carburetors
Approximately 200bhp
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Front, Independent Leaf Spring, Rear, Live Axle Leaf Spring
4-Wheel Drum Brakes

*Usable entrant for high-speed 1,000 mile retrospective rallies
*Original UK delivered car
*Formerly the property of DuPont and North family collections
*In the present ownership since 2010


Using a crashed Ford V8 coupe on to which he had grafted the body from a Grand Prix Bugatti, racing driver Sydney Allard constructed one of the most unlikely of all pre-war trials specials. Nevertheless, the Allard Special's lightweight construction and relatively powerful American V8 engine, although not the first such combination, demonstrated the formula's potential and provided the inspiration for future imitators, including Carroll Shelby who acknowledged Allard's influence on the Cobra.

After WW2, Allard progressed from special builder to motor manufacturer, though the latter activity was really little more than a means of financing the company's competition program. Allard's post-war cars combined the same virtues of light weight, independent front suspension and an abundance of American V8 power, which had been features of that first trials special of the mid-1930s. These favorable characteristics enabled Allard to establish a formidable competition record in the immediate post-war years. Despite its small size and limited resources, Allard's achievements were legion, Sydney himself finishing 3rd at Le Mans in a J2 sports-racer and winning outright at the Monte Carlo Rally in a P-Type saloon.

The Allard K1, announced in 1946, was a two-seater on a box-section frame, transverse leaf springing and Ballamy's IFS front axle, and either Ford or Mercury flathead V8 power. Light and powerful, it had excellent acceleration. A longer wheelbase version, called the L1, had a longer wheelbase and seats for four. Like the vast majority of production Allard's, the J1 used Ford/Mercury components, these being readily obtainable from Ford in the UK, while cars bound for the USA were usually fitted with either Cadillac or Chrysler power units.

Being top quality, hand-built British cars with American mechanicals, Allard's were very usable and relatively inexpensive to run and maintain. With their powerful and torquey V8 engines, three-speed manual gearbox and high overall gearing, they were fast and exciting cars to drive. Allard's were immensely popular in production sports car racing in North America, providing drivers such as Tom Cole, Zora Duntov, John Fitch and Carroll Shelby with numerous successes - in 1953 Shelby won every race he entered with his Allard.


According to Allard Register authority Colin Warnes, Car 71K250 was delivered new to Allard Dealers Bristol Street Motors, in the UK precisely 73 years ago on October 10, 1947. As delivered, it wore blue paintwork, with a matched blue interior and when new carried Ford V8 engine number 7180297.

In the late 1980s the car came on to the horizon of noted collectors the North family of Easton, Maryland and was purchased by David North who today runs the respected North Street Garage in that town. Mr. North recalls that he bought it from a member of the DuPont family, who had found the car in the UK in the 1970s and imported it to this country. Further, he remembers it as being a particularly original example, seemingly retaining original paint and trim, even brightwork, but was admittedly somewhat tired. North rebuilt the front end of the car and did other work before other priorities took over and he passed it on. That was 1993, when it was acquired by its next longer-term owner.

The new owner had looked to provide a good tour and race car and found this to be a good basis, it was progressively improved over the course of that ownership. The engine fitted at the time was well worn, and so a Ford Model 59A block was sourced and built up with performance in mind. It was bored out to 3 5/16, a new SCAT crankshaft fitted, as well as new rods, alloy domed pistons and new Offenhauser heads topped the V8. At the time, its dyno tests were nudging an impressive 200hp. Suitably hotted up, better anchorage was added with Lincoln Zephyr brakes. A sympathetic refurbishment of the bodywork was carried out, during which it was found to be in good order.

The red Allard would propel its owner to numerous VSSCA events for the next dozen years. It was a regular sight at Lime Rock, Mount Equinox Hill Climb and nearby Pocono. In 2005 it passed to the next owner in Colorado. The current owners acquired the K1 a decade ago and have continued to enjoy it in the same vein of regular use and touring. While in their custody the car has achieved accolades at the events including The Glenmore Gathering, Keeneland Concours d'Elegance, and the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival.

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<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
<b>1947 ALLARD K1  </b><br />Chassis no. 71K250
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