Yiannis Moralis (Greek, 1916-2009) Full Moon M  195 x 177.5 cm.

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Lot 33AR
Yiannis Moralis
(Greek, 1916-2009)
Full Moon M 195 x 177.5 cm.

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Yiannis Moralis (Greek, 1916-2009)
Full Moon M
signed in Greek and dated '1977-78' (lower right)
signed and dated 'Yannis MORALIS/ Athènes-Grèce/ 1977-78' (on the reverse)
acrylic on canvas
195 x 177.5 cm.


  • Provenance
    Private collection, Athens.

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    A superb example of advanced geometric abstraction, Full moon M is distinguished by solid compositional structure, purity of form, harmonious proportions and dynamic rhythm of flowing curvilinear themes and interlocking patterns. True to his classical Greek heritage and yet utilizing a formal vocabulary perfectly balanced to the scale of contemporary sensitivity, Moralis achieved the modern realisation of a classical ideal, the discovery of a universal measure for logos and pathos. "Moralis used abstraction to isolate the core of human existence, to create a language of symbols. He painted evocative forms that echo age-old memories, freed from the burden of their physical existence."1

    Reviewing the artist's work from the late 1970s, art history Professor C. Christou incisively noted that in these paintings "we overhear an internal dialogue between warm and cool colours, active and passive themes, hard and soft forms, fluid and fixed lines, all of which contrive to create an astonishingly expressive effect. Moralis remains true to the human figure, notwithstanding that he portrays it in such a simplified and schematic manner that it takes on the appearance of a mere suggestion." 2

    K. Koutsomallis, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation, made a similar remark: "1976 marks the beginning of a new period in Moralis's work that is exclusively devoted to geometric abstraction. Forms now become wholly immaterial, dissolving into pure schemata. However, their monumental character does not reduce their sensuality. On the contrary, eroticism acquires its transcendental expression. In no way does this sensual robustness of form -vaguely reminiscent of nude human figures- take anything away from their graceful tenderness, lyrical quality and richness." 3

    By sacrificing all descriptive detail, avoiding tonal gradations and emphasising only the essential pictorial elements, Moralis expressed what is permanent and universal. "One may trace a progress from earthly to heavenly love, from the sensual aspects of the subject to the metaphysical and transcendental. In his fragmented and elliptical figures and in the wealth of his linear compositions and chromatic statements, he neither describes nor narrates but expresses and interprets the forces of creation." 4 His pure forms and abstractive surfaces are the distilled essence of human presence.

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