<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177

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1912 Ford Model T Torpedo

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23 Jun 2018, 11:00 CEST


1912 Ford Model T Torpedo
Engine no. 6177

Without a doubt, the most famous antique car is the Ford Model T. Its significance cannot be argued, and neither can its charisma. One of the key components of Henry Ford's enormous success must be chocked up to style. Ford employed teams of stylists to ensure that his products looked as good and appealing as possible; nowhere is this more apparent than in these early "brass" Ts.

Ford was able to balance the line between handsome and cute with these cars. A T, although not a big car, has great dignity and presence. Anyone would be proud to own one. While the competition's low-priced cars looked cheap and small, the Ford did not.

Ford also realized he was selling cars to a market of new drivers transitioning to the motorcar, which meant the car needed to be simple and intuitive. To operate the car, one only needed to use their feet, while their hands could stay on the steering wheel where they belonged. The simple planetary transmission was easy to operate and is still great fun to drive today.

For those who haven't experienced a great "Brass T," they are about as much fun as you can have on four wheels. Ford really got it right with the early Ford Ts, and when properly set up, they perform remarkably well. In fact, most brass car tourers have a story about a pesky Model T driver keeping up with the likes of a Silver Ghost or Pierce-Arrow.

The Torpedo could be seen as Ford's first performance car. It was a standard T stripped down with a little racer-type body. The hood was lengthened two inches, and the steering column was lowered. The result was a nimble and quick T with a look like no other. Any brass T is great fun for touring but the Torpedo is the ultimate.

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  • Please note that the engine number is 61772 and dates from 1911, suggesting that the car is earlier than catalogued. Wij wijzen u er graag op dat het motornummer 61772 is en dateert van 1911, wat zou willen zeggen dat de auto ouder is dan gecatalogeerd.
<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177
<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177
<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177
<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177
<b>1912 Ford Model T Torpedo</b><br />Engine no. 6177
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