Ian Fleming / James Bond: A second draft treatment carbon copy for 'James Bond Of The Secret Service' from Ian Flemings office, October 1959,

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Ian Fleming / James Bond: A second draft treatment carbon copy for 'James Bond Of The Secret Service' from Ian Flemings office,
October 1959,

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The Jack Whittingham Collection Part II
The Jack Whittingham Collection Part II

The following seven lots are offered by the daughter of acclaimed British playwright and screenwriter Jack Whittingham. This collection is the second part to be offered at auction; featuring documents, screenplays and treatments surrounding the production of a proposed first James Bond film. Ian Fleming in collaboration with producer and director Kevin McClory and screenwriter Jack Whittingham intended to produce a new Bond story that they would transfer onto the big screen.

The venture for this original production began in 1958, and predates the first released James Bond film 'Dr. No' by four years. Fleming agreed with McClory that he would compose a new James Bond story, in the form of treatments that Jack Whittingham would work from to transform into a script for film. Whittingham worked very closely with Fleming taking his initial plot outline, which was originally titled 'James Bond and the Secret Service' into a fit for filming story 'Longitude 78 West'. This title was later changed again by Fleming and registered by McClory in 1960 as 'Thunderball'. Whittingham not only reworked and elaborated the plot, he was also instrumental to the characterisation of James Bond, making him a more endearing character for the audience to resonate with.

Due to disagreements between Fleming and McClory this production was later shelved. Nevertheless, in March 1961 Ian Fleming published his eighth James Bond novel 'Thunderball', bearing no credit acknowledgement to Whittingham or McClory in the published Jonathan Cape edition. This created a bitter plagiarism law battle at the High Court. The majority of the documents included in this collection are copy paperwork which was submitted during the court proceedings between Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham and Ian Fleming. The out of court ruling stipulated that future publications of the book must be credited to 'Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham and Ian Fleming' in that order and awarded the film writes for any future production to McClory. When 'Thunderball' was finally made, in 1965, under Executive Producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, Kevin McClory was given the role as the film's Producer.
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Ian Fleming / James Bond: A second draft treatment carbon copy for 'James Bond Of The Secret Service' from Ian Flemings office,
October 1959,
a complete 27 page carbon copy detailed treatment by Ian Fleming for his proposed first James Bond motion picture, with an introduction page and a five page detailed annex of editorial notes, in pink folder labelled James Bond of The Secret Service by Ian Fleming, Second draft treatment for a motion picture., affixed with a letter from Fleming's secretary to Jack Whittingham's office dated 21st October 1959, Mr. Fleming has asked me to send you the enclosed new draft treatment...Yours sincerely, Una Trueblood; with court reference document


  • This important draft treatment was composed by Fleming for the making of his first James Bond motion picture. His expertise as a novelist did not transfer into screenwriting, which was why Kevin McClory, tasked with producing the first film, enlisted the expertise of renowned screenwriter Jack Whittingham to re-work and write the screenplay. The team started discussing this project in 1958. This copy of the treatment sent to Whittingham in October 1959, was the document he used to start the screen writing process. Together with McClory he transformed not only elements of the story but also the character of James Bond to enable a screen audience to resonate to him. Resulting in him becoming one of popular cultures most idolised and aspired to figures. The title became 'Longitude 78 West' but was later renamed 'Thunderball'. In December 1959 Whittingham had completed his full outline screenplay.

    The Note page at the start of the carbon copy draft treatment by Fleming details a story outline - It is the story of an attempt by the Mafia to blackmail the West for £100 million, using as lever an atomic bomb high-jacked from a stolen Valiant bomber. The target is a new Cape Canaveral built on the Grand Bahamas. The plot fails because James Bond, together with Felix Leiter of the Central Intelligence Agency, get on the track of the Mafia yacht in Nassau which is to place the bomb, and the Mafia is defeated as a result of a great underwater battle off the Grand Bahamas. Although much of this story did remain the same in the eventual Eon production of 1965 (following the tense plagiarism case following Fleming's published 'Thunderball' book) elements were later changed and new characters added to the script.

    A significant part of this document is the annex at the back which provides Flemings detailed descriptions for his principle characters. Including James Bond, that he outlines as; ...a blunt instrument wielded by a Government Department. He is quiet, hard, ruthless, sardonic, fatalistic. Audiences will tend to dislike him...In his relationship with women he shows the same qualities as he does in his job.. He likes gambling, golf and fast motor cars. He has two suits, single breasted...His guns are a Barreta...He also uses a Smith & Wesson. His car is an open Bentley.... By contrast the charismatic and loud McClory and Jack Whittingham both had qualities of a play-boy nature. Elements of which they brought to the character of Bond to make him more interesting and endearing to his audience. Connery later, owned this role by oozing charm, charisma, humour and light relief to the role.

    This treatment is referenced in Jon Gilberts book Ian Fleming, The Bibliography, where he states that the second draft was one of ten carbon copy manuscripts known to have been produced. This is the first time a carbon copy has appeared at auction.


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Ian Fleming / James Bond: A second draft treatment carbon copy for 'James Bond Of The Secret Service' from Ian Flemings office, October 1959,
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