<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554

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Lot 353¤
1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coupé
Chassis no. LAG/50/476
Engine no. BCA 50/554

Sold for US$ 35,200 inc. premium
1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coupé
Chassis no. LAG/50/476
Engine no. BCA 50/554
2,580cc DOHC inline 6-cylinder
105Hp, Twin SU carburetors
4-Speed transmission
4-Wheel hydraulic brakes

*The first post David Brown Lagonda model
*Sophisticated chassis
*Interesting piece of Aston Martin history
*Alloy coachwork
*Thoroughly sorted out car

The Lagonda 2.6-Liter

It's said that when David Brown acquired Lagonda in 1947 all he got was a famous name, a collection of engineering drawings and a handful of prototypes. And although Lagonda's chief engineer and designer, the great W.O. Bentley, quit the firm when Brown took over, he did leave behind the 2.6-liter, six-cylinder, twin-overhead-camshaft engine that would power the Aston Martin DB2 and the next generation of Lagondas.

Although it retained a separate chassis, Bentley's 2.6-Liter Lagonda was advanced in other ways, featuring independent suspension all around: by double wishbones and coil-springs at the front - a layout similar to that adopted on the DB4 - and semi-trailing arms at the rear where the brakes were mounted inboard to reduce un-sprung weight. It had been intended that the new Lagonda would exploit a perceived gap in the luxury car market between Jaguar and Rover at one end and Rolls-Royce and Bentley at the other. W.O.'s design succeeded brilliantly in this, being able to carry five persons and their luggage at high speed and in great comfort.

One of Lagonda's, and David Brown's, greatest assets was stylist Frank Feeley, the man responsible for the Italianate flair of the DB2, and while Feeley's 2.6-Liter looked back nostalgically at the Lagondas of pre-war years, his prototypes produced on that chassis in the late 1940s hinted at the 3-Liter model to come.

A Mark 2 version arrived in the autumn of 1952 boasting revisions to body and interior, as well as a Jackall self-jacking system. Coachbuilders Tickford had begun to play an increasingly important role as body suppliers during manufacture of the 2.6-Litre and when the new 3-Litre model was announced in 1953, the Newport Pagnell firm assumed sole responsibility for body production.

The Motorcar Offered

This fine Lagonda was purchased new by Dr. B. McCall Smith, Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow Scotland on January 29, 1953. The build sheet indicates it was later sold in to Major J.G. Fyfe, also of Scotland. The car would later end up in the US via a Christie's auction in the mid-90s, and would eventually be purchased by the current owner on December 3, 2000.

While being relatively original when acquired the car was in need of paint and mechanical work. The job was entrusted to Spencer Restorations (then in Framingham, MA) now in Canterbury, CT. Spencer commenced with the bare metal respray finding the alloy coachwork to be in fine order. A true engine tuner, Spencer proceeded to make the Lagonda perform as well or better than new. No expense was spared and the entire car was sorted and renewed with the intention of creating an excellent driving car. The motor was gently massaged to extract as much output as possible and, aside from the tubular exhaust header, looks factory stock. The interior was re-trimmed in fine brown hides and a new top with a fabric that compliments the green paint handsomely.
Since restoration the car has been used regularly and proven a reliable and good performing car. When demonstrated by a Bonhams specialist it was found to start easily with strong acceleration and an excellent chassis. The gear shifts were smooth and precise and the brakes halted the car evenly.

Done as a true labor of love, this Lagonda has been rejuvenated with the utmost care and no desire to skimp on the details. One is always advised to buy the best possible example of a particular model and we feel one would be hard pressed to find a better prepared and sorted Lagonda than this one.

Saleroom notices

  • Please note that the correct engine number for this vehicle is B6A50554 and it is titled as a 1953.
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
<b>1952 Lagonda 2.6-Liter Drophead Coup&#233; </b><br />Chassis no. LAG/50/476 <br />Engine no. BCA 50/554
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