Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490

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Lot 325
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age, 1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger
Chassis no. HMT4344490

Sold for US$ 66,000 inc. premium
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age
1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger
Chassis no. HMT4344490
1,489cc OHV supercharged inline four-cylinder engine
Single Holley carburetor
90bhp (est) at 5,500rpm
Four-speed manual transmission
Independent front suspension with coil springs and live rear axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs
Four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes

-Comprehensively restored car
-Original Judson supercharger
-Multiple Concours winner

The MGA Coupe

Although MG's EX182 prototype had debuted at Le Mans in 1955, by the time the actual race came around the design of what would be known as the MGA had effectively been finalized, the event itself being little more than a useful opportunity to check that everything was as it should be. Replacing the traditional T-Series MGs, the MGA combined a rigid chassis with the Austin-designed, 1,489cc B-Series engine. Initially the latter produced 68bhp at 5,500rpm, although this was later raised to 72bhp at the same revs to further improve performance. Running gear was based on that of the TF, with independent front suspension and a live rear axle, but as far as its road manners were concerned, the far superior MGA was in an entirely different league. Clad in a stylish aerodynamic body and capable of topping 95mph, the MGA proved an instant hit, selling 13,000 units in its first full year of production.

For many enthusiasts though, particularly those living in Northern Europe, a closed car made more sense than an open roadster, and right from the start the factory offered an optional hardtop, which was followed in October 1956 by a proper fixed-head coupé. The new fixed roof closely followed the lines of the detachable hardtop while additional refinements included wind-up windows, quarter lights, outside door handles, special seats and door trims, map pockets, vinyl-covered dashboard and a carpeted stowage shelf behind the seats. The additional weight of its steel roof and superior interior appointments meant that the coupé's acceleration suffered a little, although this was offset by a higher, 100mph-plus top speed courtesy of superior aerodynamics, making it the first production MG to top the magic 'ton'.

One way to counter the additional weight of the Coupe was to increase the car's overall performance and one way to achieve this was to fit a supercharger.

"Imagine having lightning fast acceleration, cruising at a higher speed with less engine effort, climbing the steepest of hills with out shifting gears doubling your passing ability and having reserve power for any emergency. The engine responds immediately to the touch of your foot on the accelerator under any condition. A Judson Supercharger on your MG will give you amazing and thrilling performance in any gear at any speed, smoothly, silently, dependably and without sacrificing engine life. The increased efficiencies afford by the Judson Supercharger also provides for a much smoother running engine. Get all the power out of your MG, power that you never realized was there, smooth surging power that is always with a Judson supercharged engine."

These were Judson's bold claims for the effect of their superchargers on the MGA, and while suggestions that performance was enhanced by 50% were dampened by Road and Track's tests, which suggested it was closer to 25%, there was unquestionably a noticeable bump up over the standard fare. By the mid 1950s, MG cars were one of a number of brands that brothers W. Haddon and Charles Judson built superchargers for, having first built them for flat head Fords of the 1940s.

The Motorcar Offered

This exquisite Supercharged MG, comes from a prominent private collection of automobiles where it has resided for nearly two decades. It was acquired for this stable after the car had undergone an extensive rebuild at the hands of Ross Restorations of Thompson Station, Tennessee.

Starting with an original blown MG, the car was rebuilt from scratch, and refinished in its desirable color scheme of Island Green, matched with the corresponding original trim of color of black. The stunning result is evidenced here as it was featured in Michael Furman's 'Automobiles of the Chrome Age'.

Over the course of this ownership, the MG Coupe has been shown at Concours and exhibitions around the country, where it has been both praised and coveted. These have included Best in Show at the North American MGA Registy, AACA Senior Grand National and display at the Meadow Brook Hall Concours among other events and results. In recent times the car just finished being shown at the Larz Anderson Automotive Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts.

A jewel like automobile in every respect, this Judson supercharged MG is offered publicly for the first time since its restoration.

Saleroom notices

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Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490
Featured in Automobiles of the Chrome Age,1958 MGA Coupe with Judson Supercharger  Chassis no. HMT4344490
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