1963 Hillman Imp
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1963 Hillman Imp 'The Flatmobile' Chassis no. 411010491HSO Engine no. L3413806912E5A4
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1963 Hillman Imp 'The Flatmobile'
Registration no. 301 VTG
Chassis no. 411010491HSO
Engine no. L3413806912E5A4


  • 'The Flatmobile' was built specifically to break the Guinness World Record for the lowest car and amazingly is only 19" high. Other vital statistics include a ground clearance of 2", width of 5' 5" and length of 12' 2" (17" longer than standard). Construction commenced in October 2006 and in 2008 'The Flatmobile' was duly awarded the World Record. Pictured in the 2011 Guinness Book of Records, the car has featured on TV shows around the world including the USA and once appeared on an Italian show with 9 million viewers. It has also attended shows across Europe and the USA.

    The Flatmobile is based around a 1963 Hillman Imp and retains the stock 875cc engine, giving it a top speed of 70mph. One of its more unusual features is a fully functional gas turbine engine and afterburner, mounted behind the original power unit at the rear. This home-made device was built using a Holset 685 turbocharger (from a Volvo truck) which is fed with ignited fuel from a combustion chamber that started life as a fire extinguisher - quite a role reversal. Additional fuel is injected into the afterburner to create a spectacular jet of flame, while a bespoke lubrication system ensures that everything keeps spinning despite the high temperatures involved. The turbine runs at 100,000rpm and on full power burns 60 gallons of fuel per hour! While the jet produces a small amount of thrust, the noise and flames are the real spectacle. We are advised that tuition on operating the jet engine can be arranged if required.

    This vehicle is offered for sale as an exhibition/museum/collector's piece, or for off-road promotional use. DVLA inspection and approval is required prior to use on the public highway. As evidence of mechanical soundness, the car is offered for sale with 10 months MoT. All show cards and world record certificates are included in the sale as is the Flatmobile web site and domain name. It also comes with a Swansea V5 document.

Saleroom notices

  • This vehicle comes with a current Swansea V5, however a UK DVLA inspection and approval is required before any further Registration Documents (V5Cs) will be issued
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