The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon

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The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC, 1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon

€ 100,000 - 120,000
US$ 100,000 - 120,000
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC
1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
There had been expensive, limited edition M-Series models before the M3 but it was the latter's arrival that brought BMW's premier performance brand within the reach of less wealthy enthusiasts. For that we have to thank BMW's need for a car suitable for Group A racing, the rules stipulating that 5,000 units should be made in the first year of production. By this time (the early 1980s) BMW's single-overhead-cam slant-four engine would have been hopelessly outclassed on the racetrack so the required power increase was achieved by bolting on a 16-valve cylinder head. Although it looked pretty much like a standard E30 3-Series from a distance, the M3 shared only the bonnet with its less-exotic sibling. Most obvious difference was the wider front and rear wings while only the most observant would have noticed the more steeply raked rear window and raised boot, changes made in the interests of aerodynamic efficiency. Necessary chassis improvements included lowered and stiffened suspension, wider wheels, five-stud hubs, ventilated front brake discs, ABS and a limited-slip differential as standard. The gearbox was a five-speed close-ratio Getrag.
Deliveries commenced towards the end of 1986 and the M3 was soon proving its worth on the racetrack, Belgian Eric van de Poele winning the 1987 German Touring Car Championship (DTM) at the wheel of the Zakspeed-prepared car. The following year M3 driver Frank Sytner secured BMW's first British Touring Car Championship, while in 1989 Robert Ravaglia took his Schnitzer-entered M3 to another DTM victory.
The BMW M3 competition saloon offered here was campaigned throughout the 1991 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) by Tim Harvey, one of the most accomplished saloon car racers to have emerged from the UK in modern times. Sponsored by the Canadian Labatt's Brewery, the car was built by Vic Lee Racing (VLR) in conjunction with marque specialists Bigazzi to DTM specification and was regarded as the quickest of the BTTC M3s. The Zytek engine and its management system was only leased to works-supported teams, featuring slide throttle, eight injectors, Motorsport crankshaft, water pump, alternator, big sump, etc. The gearbox is a Hollinger 'H'-pattern straight-cut six-speed unit while other noteworthy features include Bilstein suspension; 'blade' type internally adjustable anti-roll bars; AP Brakes (new); gearbox cooler c/w switched pump; differential cooler c/w switched pump; Dymag wheels; side exhaust system and fuel tank in front of the rear axle (VLR's were the only BTTC M3s to run this configuration).
Driving this car, Tim Harvey won the final round of the 1991 BTCC season at Silverstone while the sister BMW M3 driven by Will Hoy won the Championship. Tim finished the year in 8th position in the Championship with a total of 42 points. The following year Tim took the Vic Lee Motorsport works BMW 318i to six race wins and a well-deserved BTCC title.
Tim's M3 suffered no major accidents in the course of the 1991 season and is presented today in totally original condition including decals, the chassis being described as 'A1'. The car benefits from a new Tilton clutch, overhauled differential, new fire extinguisher and a rewired console.
Recently the car competed successfully at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Der 'M3' brachte die Hochleistungsfahrzeuge von BMW, durch seine günstigere Preisgestaltung, in die Reichweite einer grösseren Zahl von Privatfahrern. Dies ist der Regelung zu verdanken, dass eine Stückzahl von 5.000 im ersten Produktionsjahr erreicht werden musste, um die von BMW angestrebte Homologation für 'Gruppe A' – Rennwagen zu erreichen. Um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, fand der 16-Ventil-Zylinderkopf Verwendung, und man erreichte eine Leistung von über 300 PS. Der 'M3' konnte, bei nur 960 kg Gewicht, Geschwindigkeiten – je nach Übersetzung – von über 300 km/h erreichen.
Die Auslieferung begann Ende 1986 und der Rennwagen bewährte sich schnell.
Der hier angebotene M3 wurde seinerzeit von dem äusserst erfolgreichen, Englischen Fahrer Tim Harvey 1991 in der 'British Touring Car Championship', (BTTC) gefahren und war einer der schnellsten M3 in der 'BTTC'. Der Zytek Rennmotor, acht Einspritzdüsen, wurde nur an Werksteams verliehen. Zur Ausrüstung zählten u.a., gerade verzahntes Sechsgang-Getriebe, Dymag Felgen, seitliche Auspuffanlage und vor der Hinterachse eingebauter Tank. Harvey gewann 1991 das letzte Rennen in Silverstone, währen Will Hoy auf einem weiteren M3 die Meisterschaft holte. Ohne 1991 einen grösseren Unfall erlitten zuhaben, präsentiert sich der M3 heute in völlig originalem Zustand einschliesslich aller 'Plaketten'. Das Chassis wird als '1A' beschrieben. Eine neue 'Tilton'-Kupplung wurde installiert und das Differential überholt. Ausserdem wurde ein neuer Feuerlöscher installiert und die Verkabelung der Konsole erneuert.
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
The ex-Tim Harvey, Vic Lee Racing, BTCC,1990/91 BMW M3 Racing Saloon
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