Olympic Torch, Berlin 1936 An Olympic torch, the handle with Olympic ring motif and Prussian Eagle in stainless steel, engraved legend
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1936 Berlin
Sold for £3,000 (US$ 5,042) inc. premium
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Lot Details
1936 Berlin
The stainless steel torch holder, inscribed on the shaft with the route from Olympia to Berlin, beneath the Olympic rings and German Eagle, inscribed on the rim "Als Danke Dem Trager - Organisations-Komitee Fur Die Xl. Olympiade Berlin 1936", stamped "Krupp Nirosta V2A Stahl, Stiftung der Fried. Krupp A.G. Essen", 270mm. high, together with the original certificate issued to the torch bearer, Rudolf Ullrich (2)


  • The use of an Olympic flame was first introduced at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam, but it was Carl Diem who first devised the concept of the Torch relay for the 1936 Berlin Olympiad under the direction of Dr. Joseph Goebbels. The stainless steel and wooden torches, designed by Walter Lemcke and Peter Wolf utilised a magnesium fuel. There were 3331 runners in the relay and each was presented with a stainless steel holder and a commemorative certificate. Some replica copies were manufactured for the 1972 Olympiad. Leni Riefenstahl used the torch ceremony in her 1938 film Olympia.
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