The K.C.B. and Pair to Admiral Sir Arthur Farquhar, Royal Navy,

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Lot 54
The K.C.B. and Pair to Admiral Sir Arthur Farquhar, Royal Navy,

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28 Sep 2011, 11:00 BST

London, Knightsbridge

The K.C.B. and Pair to Admiral Sir Arthur Farquhar, Royal Navy,
The Most Honourable Order of the Bath, K.C.B., neck badge in gold and enamel, hallmarked 1886, and breast star in gold and enamel; Naval General Service 1793-1840, one bar, Syria (Arthur Farquhar); St.Jean D'Acre, silver issue. Both medals with silver riband bars for wear. With contact marks, generally very fine. (Lot)


  • K.C.B. London Gazette 1886.

    Admiral Sir Arthur Farquahr was born in 1815, he was the son of the late Rear-Admiral Sir A.Farquhar K.C.B., K.C.H., (see Lot 53), He entered the Navy on 13th March 1829, serving his time as Volunteer and Midshipman in South America and the West Indies, on board the Seringapatam with Captain Hon. William Waldegrave; Dispatch with Captain George Daniell; Blanche bearing his father's broad pennant, and Fly with Captain Peter McQuhae. He passed his examination in May 1835, and in the course of 1836-38 he was appointed to Mate of the Asia with Captain William Fisher in the Mediterranean. Then with Thalia the flag-ship of Sir Patrick Campbell at the Cape of Good Hope, and Princess Charlotte, bearing the flag of Hon Robert Stopford, again in the Mediterranean. For his services during the operations on the coast of Syria, where he was present at the bombardment of St.Jean d'Acre, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 4th November 1840. He left the Princess Charlotte in July 1841. He was then employed during the next three years at Portsmouth and Cork and in Experimentally Cruising, in Excellent, gunnery ship with Captain Sir Thomas Hastings, and (as Flag Lieutenant to Rear Admiral Bowles) in the Tyne and Caledonia. He was advanced to the rank of Commander on 4th December 1844; and on 5th November 1846 was appointed to the Albatross (he had passed in steam at Woolwich in 1845 and had been studying at the Royal Naval College). In the Albatross he proceeded to the west coast of Africa, where he captured three slavers, and assisted in making prize of three others. He was ordered to the East Indies in April 1848. In July 1849, he was entrusted by the Commander-in-Chief, Sir Francis Augustus Collier, with the charge of an expedition, consisting, besides the Albatross, of the Royalist brig, the East India Company's steamer Nemesis, and the steamer Ranee, and was set to intercept and chastise the Sarebas and Sakarran pirates, on the north-west coast of Borneo. Acting in conjunction with a native force, under Rajah Brooke, Capt Farquhar fell in, on the night of the 31st, with an entire fleet of ruffians, whom he attacked with so much skill, intrepidity, and firmness that on the following morning, notwithstanding the small force at his disposal, the bay (at the mouth of the Sarabas river) was found covered with one mass of wreck- shields, spears, and portions of destroyed prahus, floating about, as far as the eye could reach; while, on a sandy spit, which extended a considerable distance seaward on the left bank of the Sarebus, were upwards of seventy prahus, which the natives were busily clearing of all valuables and destroying. Of 120 prahus which were in the bay on the preceding evening, more than 80 were destroyed. The loss of life was computed at about 1200; yet the British with the exception of a few light casualties escaped unscathed. Following up his success, Captain Farquhar ascended several of the enemy's rivers, destroying many of their strongholds, and effectually supressed, for a time at least, their piratic tendencies. For this daring and important service , he received, through the Admiralty, the thanks of the Secretaries of State for Foreign and Colonial Affairs, and was advanced to Captain on the 27th October. He continued in the Albatross until March 1850, and was next appointed on 19th June 1854 to the Malacca, a steamer of 17 guns, the first one ever to be fitted in the service with high-pressure engines. In her he was employed, with an interval of about three months on particular service, until the autumn of 1855, for the purpose of giving full trial to the experiment. He was then ordered to the West Indies, where, at Port-au-Prince, yellow fever committed great ravages among the crew. In July 1856 he was recalled to England and he was then sent to the Mediterranean. While on that station, he was employed in the Neapolitan waters, in protecting British and French interests, during the absence of the missions from Naples. Captain Farquhar then served as Flag-Captain to Admiral Bowles in the Victory at Portsmouth from March 1859 until March 1860, and he then performed the same duties to Rear-Admiral Mundy on board the Hannibal in the Mediterranean. He was later Commander in Chief of the Pacific Station 1869-73; then at Devonport 1878-80. He died on 29th January 1908.

    Confirmed on the N.G.S. roll as Mate on Princess Charlotte, a unique name.
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