1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020

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Lot 231
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton
Chassis no. 7557020

US$ 140,000 - 160,000
£ 100,000 - 120,000
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton
Chassis no. 7557020
By the mid-1930s, Detroit-based Packard had achieved a worldwide reputation for style and quality. The ever more impressive and refined lineage of cars produced by the automaker traced back to the first Packard delivered in 1900. A measure of Packard's global eminence in 1935 can be seen in the fact that, among the nearly 2,000 dealers representing the marque that year, 280 were operating in foreign lands.

During 1935, a lower priced line of junior Packards would appear. These new “120” models enabled thousands who aspired to Packard ownership an opportunity to acquire, at relatively moderate cost, an automobile bearing the prestigious name. Of course, Packard also continued to offer its larger and much more expensive traditional cars for 1935—they were now called senior series models. It is an example of that year's exclusive senior-series Packard Super Eight with which we concern ourselves here.

The styling for all 1935 senior Packards represented a pleasing transition to the streamlined vogue. Front fenders were more deeply skirted, while new "pontoon" rear units complemented the sweeping lines. Even the stately Packard radiator grille was given a slight, five-degree rake. In keeping with contemporary design trends, the radiator shell was painted to match the body color, as were the bullet-shaped headlamp pods.

Packard was one of the few American automakers by 1935 to still offer traditional open models, without roll-up side windows. The Series 1204 Super Eight 5-passenger Phaeton featured here is an example. Cataloged internally as Packard body style number 851, the 139-inch wheelbase Super Eight Phaeton was prized by advocates of true open-air motoring. This commodious 5-passenger car's front and rear doors are hinged at the massive center pillar.

The Super Eight Phaeton is presented in Packard's creamy Primrose Yellow, nicely accented by the Chocolate Brown wheels and recently installed coordinating Chocolate Brown top. The dual sidemounted spare tires are concealed by proper metal covers, which carry accessory rearview mirrors to enhance the driver's rear and side vision. A factory fold-down luggage rack, mounted with a beautiful Packard crest badge, is found at the rear.

The luxurious Phaeton interior is trimmed in deeply cushioned brown leather. The spacious rear seat provides a large and useful fold-down center armrest. Up front, an authentic Packard radio is centrally mounted in the finely detailed instrument cluster. A set of side curtains, for inclement weather protection, may be found in the built-in trunk compartment.

The highly regarded Packard Super Eight engine housed under the Phaeton's long hood is rated at 150 horsepower. With a displacement of 384 cubic inches, this powerful L-head engine made the Super Eight one of Packard's most responsive, as well as handsomely proportioned, models for 1935.

This Phaeton bears body number 851203, indicating it was the third example of its type built. It recently emerged from a California collection, where it had been kept for more than three decades. Authentically restored some years ago, the car has been carefully conserved since and consequently remains in exceptionally fine condition. It is entirely presentable for showing.

Recognized as a CCCA Full Classic, mid-1930s Packard Super Eights are cherished by owners for their beauty and performance. At any gathering of classic automobiles, the offered Super Eight Phaeton will standout among its esteemed peers, just as surely as it did in 1935.

The car is sold with a California registration prepared for assignment to the new owner.
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
1935 Packard Series 1204 Super Eight Phaeton  Chassis no. 7557020
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